Online student testimonials


Read what our students have to say about studying online at ICTE

Kamal, Sri Lanka, ICTE student 

I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff of The University of Queensland for taking a decision to coordinate online classes in this pandemic situation. At the same time the university started online education as a practical form and a remarkable event in our life. The teachers take extra hours from their valuable times to teaching the lessons successfully online, clearing any doubts. Interesting in participating online classes we got real experience in our life for the first time. In online classes teachers always took the new technologies like Edmodo, TedEd, Animoto, Kahoot and games. Teachers use virtual whiteboards and other related things from their own room for teaching lessons as a practical environment of university classroom. We did not feel that we were not in the classrooms of university. We were in small group discussions close to each other. ICTE helped us to increase our English skills in different ways. They practiced good innovative teaching methods with a young crowd of students all over the world. We joined with their online activities and the ICTE Chorus, which is an amazing activitiy for those who like to sing and listen to music. Studying online is a great chance for students all over the world to develop their knowledge and break the barriers of language after being a student of ICTE. The format and process of the online system helps to improve the quality of learning. I think anyone in the process of studying it would be a great choice to complete this practical online course.


Angsara (Sarah), Thailand, GE student

Hi, I'm Sarah. I've been learning English online with ICTE. I can't choose what I like the most because everything is better than I thought. Teachers are very kind to us. They always care about the students. Moreover, they also have a lot of fun activities for us to do. After finishing class, teacher always summarise the homework that we have to do. The Zoom program that we used to study was very good. Everyone can share slideshows when we talk. I like it when I talk with my classmates about our country and share pictures. General English has helped me to improve my English a lot. When I speak, I think about using more grammar and sentence structure. I have written more essays and have teachers check and give advice about my writing. I spoke with friends from different countries. It was a wonderful time that I spent learning English online with ICTE.


Ayaka, Japan, BE student

Thanks to these teachers, the transition from face-to-face to the online platform has been smooth, and I enjoyed the online workshop. We had a lot of time for discussions. I was also able to talk with friends who are in different classes. That was a good encounter for me.


Federica, ICTE student

I really enjoyed learning English online at ICTE. My teachers were so enthusiastic, and the classes had lots of practical activities.


Momoko, Japan, GE student 

I like to talk to my classmates and seeing each other from screen. Especially, I like to do pair tasks in breakout rooms.


Zelda, China, BE student

After taking the online classes, I am very surprised at how it has improved my efficiency. Because my home is far from the university, I can save lots of time through online classes, and all the teachers at ICTE are excellent. I feel that through learning English online at ICTE, I have the ability to understand different people. I have greatly improved not only my listening skills but my reading, speaking, and writing skills. So thank you ICTE.

Yu-Cheng, China, Online Activities / BE Student

ICTE online activities offer us an utterly different learning environment, more approachable interaction and more relaxing conversation. What I want to say is that these online activities are the materials or resources prepared for us, you would definitely learn more in comparison with your classmates if you took them as much as you can and push yourself hardly. You will have opportunities to learn by experiencing and receiving feedback from others. In short, you will be able to find out different type of online activities which might be appealing for you no matter whether they are professional advices or casual conversation. I can assure you nothing but this, you will feel that you have made a significant progress after joining the activities, as well as building your confidence through the process.​


Saurabh, Online Activities / BE Student 

The online activities allowed to imagine how a real test will be and help me to confidently reply any question thrown at me. In addition, I got a chance to sing, share my thoughts and made some cool friends. Thanks for all the support and entertainment you bring with these activities.


Phuc, Vietnam, Online Activities

I am Phuc. I come from Ho Chi Minh city, which is located in the South of Vietnam. I have lived and studied in Brisbane for five months. I joined in 'coffee chat with ICTE Student Leaders' and 'Conversation Club' every week. In there, I had more opportunity to practice English and made new friends. When I joined in these online activities, I had more one hour surrounded by English and received experiences, tips about studying English or living in Brisbane from leaders. When I pass the BE exam, I definitely want to become a leader and join in these online activities again to assist the students who are in their English learning journeys.


Nao, Japan, ICTE Chorus

As an international student in Australia right now, it's hard to feel connected to other people. I’m really happy that we kept Chorus going and we can all be together through music.

Eisenhoover, Colombia, Learning Advice

The transition from face-to-face to online has been well managed, easing the way for students to join Learning Advice, and I highly recommend this type of activity to hone your English skills.


Herath, Sri Lanka, Learning Advice

Learning Advice showed me the way to learn English, and I followed that path to learn English at ICTE. They taught us how to improve our vocabulary, speaking, listening, writing as well as reading. It made it very easy for me to learn at ICTE and to improve my abilities in using English language. In the 1-to-1 sessions, the learning advisors understand your individual requirements, and advise us how to improve in the areas which we really want. Workshops always provided us the guideline to start our learning and how to improve our English day by day. Therefore, I recommend all new students to attend all the Learning Advice workshops and 1-to-1 sessions.


Qi, China, Learning Advice

I am willing to recommend 1-to-1 session to you. I wanted to improve English level, and I did not know how to so I booked a 1-to-1 session. I acquired relevant study advice, feedback of writing, as well as the opportunity to practice speaking, but also satisfaction and more confidence. Yes, it is right, when you can take the first step to reveal your problems about English, and then check and correct them, you will achieve your aims. I also understand the process is both difficult and challenging at the same time. Don’t worry. There are many learning advisors who have professional understanding and knowledge to help you improve English Level. Start now, book your first time 1-to-1 advice session.