AAI Private Public Partnerships Short Term Awardees
AAI Private Public Partnerships Short Term Awardees and UQID delivery staff at The University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus, Brisbane, May 2016.

Key elements

  • Pre-course workshop in Bandung
  • Two-week course at the University of Queensland (UQ)
  • Institutional visits to government agencies, state-owned enterprises and private industry in Brisbane
  • Presentation of Award Projects
  • Government-Industry Forum with representatives from industry and government
  • Ongoing engagement via electronic discussion and follow-up assessment of Short Term Award Projects
  • Symposium and Post-Course Workshop in Indonesia

Short Term Award Program

The Australia Awards Indonesia Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Short Term Award was delivered over a two week period in Australia from 23 May to 3 June 2016 by The University of Queensland’s International Development (UQID) unit. The Award was delivered to twenty-four Indonesian bureaucrats from central, provincial and municipal government that included mid-ranking managers and policy planners (Echelons III and IV).

The course aimed to enable Awardees to benchmark different types of PPPs in Australia, particularly in the areas of infrastructure and service delivery, and to improve Awardees’ understanding of the key factors that contribute to the enabling environments of successful PPPs and the ongoing management of sustainable partnerships. PPPs are an important means of utilising the skills and expertise of the private sector in public sector service delivery in implementing large scale projects. They are an essential means to attract investment to improve public services and fund infrastructure development. This course focused on the project management and strategic issues related to all stages of the PPP project cycle. It was comprised of classroom sessions, guest lectures, facilitated workshops, scenario-based exercises, case studies, institutional visits and a Government-Industry Forum.

Ibu Canggih Puspitasari, Parliament House, Queensland, 31 May 2016
Ibu Canggih Puspitasari poses a question to the panel during a Government-Industry Forum for the Australia Awards Indonesia Public Private Partnerships Short Term Award held at the Red Chamber, Parliament House, Queensland, 31 May 2016

Award leaders

The Award was led by Associate Professor Neil Paulsen, a Senior Lecturer at the UQ Business School management cluster. For the Award program, Associate Professor Paulsen was able to draw on more than 20 years of industry experience in public, private and community sector organisations, Associate Professor Paulsen is heavily engaged in corporate executive leadership and management programs, including government programs with the University of Queensland and brought significant expertise on key phases of the PPP project cycle.

Co-leading the Short Course was The Honourable Paul Lucas, Former Deputy Premier and Attorney-General of Queensland and former Special Minister of State; Local Government & Planning; Health; Infrastructure and Planning; Transport and Main Roads; Innovation & Information Economy and Energy. The Honourable Paul Lucas played a central role in facilitating Awardees’ access to experts from public and private bodies. He further shared his expertise with Awardees on public-private business relations, as well as his substantial experience on major and transformational infrastructure projects.

Professional networks

Key to the Award program was the establishment of professional networks in Australia to assist Awardees in improving technical, policy, and procurement processes that pertain to the establishment of Public Private Partnerships in Indonesia.

A highlight of the Award was a Government-Industry Forum featuring Executive Director of Plenary Group Paul Digby, Managing Director of MR Cagney, Les Carter, and Senior Executive of JJM Advisory John McEvoy as panellists. The networking event also comprised representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and a range of private companies including Delta FM Australia, Port and Logistics Solutions, and GeoInventions.

Site visits

PPP Awardees further maximised their learning and networking opportunities through site visits to the Brisbane Metropolitan Traffic Management Centre, the GoldLinQ Consortium, and the Commonwealth Games Village and Parklands site.

Participants at Commonwealth Games Village
AAI Public Private Partnership Awardees with Associate Professor Neil Paulsen and The Honourable Paul Lucas, at the Commonwealth Games Village, Gold Coast, 2 June, 2016.

Following a Case Study session by Les Carter, Senior Executive of MR Cagney, on the TransJakarta Busway, Mr Carter joined Awardees at the Brisbane Metropolitan Traffic Management Centre. This site visit provided Awardees with an opportunity to compare and contrast similar projects in Australian and Indonesia.


The Public Private Partnerships Award concluded with a Symposium on Regional Best Practice in Public Private Partnerships in Jakarta featuring Mr Eleazar (Eli) Ricote, Deputy Executive Director of the Philippines PPP Centre with Indonesian context provided by Mr Bastary Pandji Indra, Assistant Deputy of Housing, Land and Infrastructure Financing, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs (Kemenko Perekonomian).

The Symposium provided an opportunity to learn from Australia’s and the Philippines’ failures and successes in creating the appropriate enabling environment in legislative, regulatory and policy terms for successful PPP implementation.

Award projects

An Award Project by Ministry of Finance Awardees impressed the delivery team with its potential to secure budget allocations for Availability Payments for PPPs in Indonesia. Critically, the Award Project titled: ‘Developing and Structuring Implementation Guidelines for Availability Payment Schemes for PPP Projects’ (under the MoF authority to maintain the state budget) had support from Echelon I officers in the MoF resulting in the issuance of a new Ministry of Finance Regulation Number: 260/PMK.08/2016.

Other Award Projects resulting from the Award Program included the ‘Development of Guidelines for the Evaluation of Bidding Documents in Street Lighting PPP Projects’. To be piloted in Bandung, the Award Project integrated smart (high tech & green) technology with advertising opportunities attractive to the private sector interested in investing in innovative street lighting for Bandung residents through a PPP arrangement. This Award Project, like many, demonstrated advanced learning from the Award Program and a sophisticated understanding of the regulatory, policy and technical variables associated with PPPs.

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