Vivian Turkson, an Agribusiness short course participant in 2017, is a Women in Agriculture Development Officer with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana. Her role involves delivering projects that impact the life of women, especially in farming and agribusiness through income generation and empowerment. 

“My experience on the course, both in Australia and Ghana, gave me a better understanding of what a value chain is and how the value chain thinking can be used to improve the lives of smallholder farmers.

“It is my hope that by working with the value chain actors we will be able to increase incomes in the community and create more opportunities for women and youth to better their lives.

“I went back to share my findings with the chain members and the recommendations I also came up with. These efforts will go a long way towards fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals of alleviating poverty and fighting inequality in my community and country as a whole.”



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