Tasked with human resource management, the Office of Civil Service Commission  (OCSC), an advisory arm of the Royal Thai Government has set ‘talent management’ as one of its key strategies. Enhancing the quality of Thailand’s future workforce, and attracting and retaining high-quality Thai civil servants for expert and management roles is crucial for future-proofing the country in a dynamic global environment.

The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE) has collaborated with OCSC to deliver a 10- day Leadership and Strategist Program for talented Thai Civil Servants program. The program was structured around the key areas of leadership, strategy and digital transformation. It provided participants with a mix of learning experiences including lectures, guest presentations, case studies, and site visits.

Presentation topics included roles and responsibilities of government structures with the Honourable Rachel Nolan, former Minister in Queensland Parliament; adaptive leadership and strategic thinking with Dr Tim Grice, UQ School of Political Science and International Studies; leadership in public service with Queensland Public Service Commission; and strategic management in government with Queensland Department of the Premier and Cabinet. The participants also had the opportunity to attend the 2019  Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS) and enjoy dinner at Customs House with Thailand’s Honorary Consul for Queensland, and Minister Counsellor from the Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra.

The program culminated in the participants reflecting and sharing knowledge by way of delivering a final presentation, strategic work plan, and written research paper addressing an area of interest for their agency in small groups.