Course participants on site in Queensland, Australia
Course participants on site in Queensland, Australia

The Policy Development for Livestock Production and Supply Chains Short Course program was conducted over a six-week period in Queensland, Australia. The course was comprised of four key components: classroom-based learning modules, three field trips, numerous institutional visits and the completion of a Short Course Project (RWP, Return to Work Plan) that Ministry of Agriculture (KEMENTAN) staff will utilise to affect policy change in livestock production and value chains upon their return to Indonesia.

The short program was delivered to Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture professional staff. The participants were comprised of a number of veterinary medics, livestock breed inspectors and one feed quality inspector. Participants were encouraged to expand their professional skills base, knowledge and professional networks, building a greater awareness of contemporary farming, production, the processing supply chain, and policy practices across the sector.

The course aimed to improve participants’ capacity to plan, develop and manage processes in the red meat and cattle sector. Its purpose was also to broaden and deepen participants’ theoretical and applied knowledge, as well as technical, managerial, entrepreneurial and networking skills in the sector.

Project members

Greta Nabbs-Keller

Manager, International Development, Indonesia and South East Asia