Program 165 (P165) is an initiative funded by the state budget of the Communist Party of Vietnam with the principal aim of providing leadership training to senior government officials and managers, nationally to all of the 63 provinces of Vietnam. Tasked with such an important remit, The University of Queensland’s Institute of Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE) has been a key project partner since 2010.

One such program in 2016 saw ICTE deliver a Public Administration and Public Policy Program. Participants had the opportunity to enhance their Public Administration and Public Policy competencies and to explore public management and administration reform in Australia as well as exchange ideas and experience in the field of leadership and management.

Topics covered during the program included:

  • Reforms and current practices in Australian administration
  • Monitoring, Measuring Performance and Reviewing Public Policy
  • Effective Organisational Management
  • Environment for Policy Development
  • Consultation in Government
  • Site visit to the Queensland Government Crime and Misconduct Commission CMC
  • Program Past Participants:
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • State Bank of Vietnam
  • Ministry of Transport
  • Vietnam Women’s Union
  • Central Committee of the Community Party of Vietnam

The 11th Party Central Committee’s resolution No. 19-NQ/TW seeks the overhaul of both the organisational and management systems, improvement of quality and greater efficiency of public non-productive units and ICTE has been playing a role in achieving these goals. Other programs delivered have included short and mid-term customised training programs at ICTE annually across different fields including English language training, leadership and management, public administration, agriculture, and environmental management.