Strengthening the Public Policy-Making Process

A Course for Emerging Leaders in the Ministry of Finance, Indonesia

Program participants
Awardees and University of Queensland International Development (UQID) delivery staff at UQ St Lucia, Brisbane, May 2016. Photo: The University of Queensland.

Key elements

  • Pre-course workshop in Bandung
  • Two week course at the University¬†of Queensland
  • Institutional visits to Federal and State Government institutions in Brisbane and Canberra
  • Award Project Presentations
  • Canberra Networking Event attended by the Indonesian Ambassador
  • Ongoing engagement via electronic discussion formats and follow-up assessment of Award Projects
  • Post-course workshop in Bandung


Twenty-six officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance took part in this Short Term Award (STA) program, with participants from a range of Directorate-Generals, including the Fiscal Policy Agency, Budget, Treasury, Tax and Asset Management.

Learning aims

The program focused on public policy processes in theory and in practice, with the aim of Awardees developing a thorough understanding of processes critical to achieving good policy outcomes. Officials with leadership potential were selected so that skills and relationships would be applied over the medium and longer term, as Awardees move into positions of greater influence.

Through a customised action-based learning approach Awardees improved their skills and ability to:

  • Apply knowledge and evidence (quantitative and qualitative) to policy formulation, policy advice and policy analyses
  • Enhance their understanding of stakeholder analysis and communication strategies as part of policy making
  • Analyse complex policy issues (including challenges in the management, implementation and evaluation) from multiple perspectives and identify innovative ways that might be drawn from the Australian context to respond to these
  • Critically analyse the drivers (social, political, organisational, economic and environmental) that enable and limit public policy reform
  • Understand challenges relating to the management, implementation and evaluation of economic and development policies and respond to these in innovative ways
  • Demonstrate an enhanced understanding of evidence-based policy development processes related to economic and development policies
  • Develop policy using analytical and forecasting techniques and risk assessment
  • Understand key features of policy performance monitoring and evaluation


The Award program included visits to key public policy institutions, the Parliamentary Budget Office, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australian National University, and Australian and Queensland Treasuries.

These were particularly successful as they involved in highly positive interactions, engaging discussions and high quality presentations from senior staff of the institutions. They also provided valuable Australian contacts for Awardees.

More information

For full details, please download the Strengthening Public Policy brochure (PDF, 2.16MB).

Project members

Greta Nabbs-Keller

Manager, International Development, Indonesia and South East Asia