Emergency procedures

If you discover an emergency such as a fire or someone who is hurt, tell your teacher or a staff member immediately.

If there is a fire, press the fire alarm button (break the glass). Alarms are located near the exit on each floor level.

If the emergency hooter/siren sounds during class time, stay with your class and go to the grassed area opposite the Sir Llew Edwards building ‘V’ courtyard. 

If the emergency hooter/siren sounds during break or lunch time or outside of regular class times: Leave the building immediately.

Remember: never use the elevators during an emergency evacuation.


If you are sick on campus

If you are sick on campus go to Reception for assistance with making an appointment with the University Health Service (UHS). UHS can get very busy. If it is not an emergency we recommend you visit a doctor near your home.

The UHS is located at:
Level 1, Gordon Greenwood
Building (No 32)
Union Road, UQ St Lucia
3365 6212 or 3365 6210

The UHS is free for students who have an Allianz health insurance cover (OSHC). You must take your card or have the OSHC App to show you have cover or you will be charged a fee. Medicine can be bought from the Campus Pharmacy in Union Court.

If you are sick at home

If you are sick at home call a local doctor to make an appointment. If you are sick during the night phone a local doctor. An  answering service will tell you how to contact a nighttime medical service. Tell the doctor about your sickness and he/she will
visit you at home.

OSHC holders can call After Hours Dial a Local Doctor on 1300 980 980 or Brisbane After Hours Doctors on 1300 466 337.

Contact details for some local doctors:

Indooroopilly Medical Centre
Suite 5, 66 Station Road,
3878 3733

Toowong Medical Centre
Level 12, Toowong Towers
9 Sherwood Road, Toowong
3371 5666

Taringa 7-Day Medical Practice
15 Morrow Street, Taringa
3870 7239

UQ Healthcare Annerley
4/20 Cornwall Street, Woollongabba
3346 1122

7 Day CBD Medical Centre
245 Albert Street, Brisbane
3211 3611

Good Health Medical Centre
1290 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt
3349 9911

When travelling

Brisbane is a safe and welcoming city. However, when you are visiting any new city, it is important to follow a few simple tips to stay safe.

  • Never accept a car ride from a stranger. It is very dangerous to get in a car with someone you do not know.
  • Try not to go out or travel by yourself, especially at night. Where possible, stay with your friends.
  • At night, walk in areas that have good, bright lighting.
  • Before you leave home, always check Translink.com to make sure you know how to get home and what time the last bus or train leaves at night.

Look after your valuable items

  • Keep your wallet, phone, passport, iPod and other valuable items with you at all times
  • Do not leave valuable items in ICTE-UQ classrooms during break times.
  • Be careful when using the ICTE-UQ Learning Centre and UQ Library.
  • Report any suspicious people you see in the ICTE-UQ Building to your teacher or Reception staff.

Beach safety

  • Find the red and yellow flags and swim between them
  • Read the safety signs
  • Swim with a friend
  • Stick you hand up, stay calm and call for help if you get into trouble.

Sun safety

The Australian sun is very fierce. It is important to protect yourself from the sun.

  • Wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible, a hat that protects your face, head, neck and ears and sunglasses.
  • Use broad spectrum, water resistant SPF30+ sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards.
  • Stay in the shade - especially between 11 am and 3 pm when the sun is most fierce in summer months.

Safety on campus

Be connected and safe with UQ’s SafeZone free app. It connects you directly to UQ Security, immediate on-campus emergency or first-aid support 24/7.

Get the app 
If you are walking in quiet areas on campus at night you can call ‘Unisafe’ to escort you. To use this service call: 1800 800 123. You can also use the Unisafe bus to travel around campus late at night.