Every year between September and December approximately 1100 Japanese students arrive in Brisbane to participate in the ICTE-UQ Jikei Program. The students aged between 18 – 21 years are in Queensland for one week.  

Up to four students, requiring daily transport to and from UQ, are hosted in ICTE-UQ homestays for two to four nights in twin accommodation. Jikei students are not English language learners – their studies range from marine studies and flower arrangement to veterinary nurse sciences. This means that their English skills are quite limited.  

Nevertheless Jikei students are very excited to be a part of the homestay experience and are eager to participate in Australian life.

Read what our Homestay Hosts have to say about their experience hosting Jikei students.

What our Homestay Hosts say

Being a homestay family for ICTE-UQ is a privilege. For us it’s all about sharing and learning.  It’s also wonderful opportunity to contribute to the experiences of students from other countries who come to explore and enjoy Brisbane.

Dinnertime is always fun!  Lots of conversation about our student's day and a chance for us to learn about our student's family and hobbies.

Barbeques are some of the most memorable times.  Our students invite a friend or two and with our family and friends, we often enjoy playing games and singing songs.  We love to introduce students to native wildlife and many of these little animals and birds have become very used to having their photos taken.

Saying goodbye is sometimes the hardest part of being a homestay host family.  However, we often receive emails from students telling us about their lives back home.  It’s wonderful for us to know that we were part of their Queensland adventure.

- Charmaine McAneny

The Jikei program is always highly enjoyable, as the students are usually very excited to be in Australia and keen to learn all they can about our country and culture. Driving them to and from the University and eating together gives ample opportunities to get to know each other, even though they are only here for a few days. Although it is sometimes challenging to communicate with one another, due to limited  English skills, we are usually able to use gestures and Google translate to have insightful conversations. I have many happy memories from my time hosting Jikei students and look forward to hosting them again in the future.

- Christie Sheriff


We have been a part of the Jikei Program for many years and have thoroughly enjoyed hosting students at our home. The students have always been a pleasure to meet and the Program exposes my household to different personalities and cultures. It is great to mix our Australian culture with foreign traditional cultures. We have always welcomed new students to the family and treat them as one of our own. We understand that it may be quite daunting for the kids to be away from home so strive to make their stay as comfortable and as homely as possible.

As a result, we have found the students opening up and appreciating our hospitality but more importantly, it is certainly rewarding to see that we can be a part of their life, even it is only for a very short stay.

- Rose & Eddie Nata


Jenny and I do enjoy the Jikei Program in the later third of the year! We have made friends and have happily become surrogate families for students who have come away from their home. Probably the best experience resulted from us hosting two students from Kobe and Osaka respectively. We were planning to travel to Japan at Christmas and after hosting the girls we were encouraged to take some time to visit them in their prefecture. We spent a fabulous two days being personally guided around temples, palaces and other unique sites. The girls' fathers had insisted on the girls buying us lunch as a gesture for looking after them in Brisbane. This is what makes Homestay such a great institution. 

- Peter Saggers