Rental accommodation

To find rental accommodation, we recommend that you visit the UQ Accommodation Services website to find a place and get advice about rental agreements. Before you sign a lease, you can take it to UQ Accommodation Services and ask them to check it for you.



Desirée van Aswegen or Jane Clarke 
Homestay Accommodation Officers, Room 525, Sir Llew Edwards Building
 +61 7 3346 1372 | +61 7 3346 6738 |

Office hours: 8.00am – 5.00pm

Emergency/out of hours: Desirée  0419 435 147 | Jane: 0417 712 674

Tips for a happy homestay

Talk, listen and ask questions.  The most common problems can usually be solved by communicating with your homestay family.

Be prepared for your homestay family to be different from your own family.  Remember that homestay is an opportunity to learn about new people, a new culture and different ways of doing things.  The more open you are to new and different experiences, the more you will enjoy them.

Your homestay family cares about your safety and needs to know where you are.  Make sure you let them know if you will be home late or will miss a meal.  You should also give your homestay family your mobile phone number so that they can call you in an emergency.

Payments to ICTE-UQ only

All homestay payments must be made through the ICTE-UQ Accommodation Office.  Please do not make payments directly to your homestay family.  

Staying longer

If you would like to extend your stay in homestay, you should first check with your homestay family if this is possible and then contact the ICTE-UQ Accommodation Office to arrange the booking. If you can remain with the same host family, you must provide full payment for the extension before your original check out date. Payments not made before the original date of check out will incur a late fee of AUD$50.

If you cannot remain with the same homestay family, the Homestay Placement Fee of AUD$250 will apply to place you with a new homestay family.  

Leaving early

If you want to leave homestay early,

  1. provide your homestay family with notice - a minimum of one week
  2. contact the ICTE-UQ Accommodation Office to arrange for a refund of any unused homestay fees.

Refunds generally take 2-4 weeks.

Please note the minimum 5-week booking period is not refundable except in exceptional circumstances.

Inclusions and exclusions


Homestay includes breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday.  On weekends it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. In most families, people make their own meals for breakfast and lunch.  


Wi-fi will be provided in your homestay.  Large downloads, like movies are not allowed.


Ask your homestay family about making phone calls. Short local calls are usually OK, but calling overseas is generally not.


Usually, you will do your own washing using homestay facilities.

Homestay guide for students

Get the Homestay guide for students for more advice about living with a homestay family.