This information is about these courses:

General English 

English for International Business Communication  

English for Academic Purposes

Testing and assessment results allow you to assess your own progress and, in consultation with teaching and management staff, move to a more advanced level of study. Students usually spend 10 weeks at each level of study.

Tests are held in the last week of each 5-week session. 

EAP assessment also includes assignments and other academic tasks.

Grading scale

Your Overall Grade is determined by each of your Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing Achievement Levels. Students who receive a Limited Achievement (< 63%) in two or more skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading or Writing) will automatically receive an Overall Grade of 3 or below.

Achievement levels 

HA: High Achievement


SA: Satisfactory Achievement

≥63% - <82%

LA: Limited Achievement < 63%

Overall grade

7: High Distinction ≥92%
6: Distinction ≥82% - <92%
5: Credit ≥73% - <82%
4: Pass ≥63% - <73%
3: Fail ≥53% - <63%
2: Fail >40% - <53%
1: Fail ≤40% 


Course progress

Students who, after 10 weeks of study, achieve a grade of 1-3 in their end of session tests will receive a letter asking them to meet with the Academic Manager or Senior Teacher for academic counselling. The student may be required to repeat the level. A student who completes the same level twice (20 weeks) without achieving a pass mark (4 or above) has made unsatisfactory course progress.

Students who are making unsatisfactory progress, or who think their class level is too difficult, should make an appointment with the Academic Manager or Senior Teacher. It will normally be possible for the student to change to a lower level. When this is not possible, other arrangements will be made, for example by providing alternative learning materials.

Students studying at ICTE-UQ under a Student Visa are required to make satisfactory course progress as a condition of their visa.

Results certificates

Students are issued with a certificate(s) of achievement based on the test results of courses completed.

Results Certificates show the course and class level studied and an achievement level for Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing as well as an overall grade.

The certificate also shows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) proficiency level for the course studied. 

Download a Sample Results Certificate (PDF, 1.56MB).


At the end of your total period of enrolment, you also receive a Certificate of Attendance that shows your course dates and either a ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory’ level of attendance. You must attend a minimum of 80% of all classes to achieve a ‘Satisfactory’ level of attendance.

Read our Attendance Policy for details.