Bridging English Program

The Bridging English Program (BEP) is ICTE’s most popular English language pathway, with five entry points for admission into UQ programs, including Study Abroad.

Entry to a UQ program

If you meet the academic requirements for entry to a UQ program but need to meet the English language entry requirements, you can apply for a UQ package offer. The UQ package offer includes:
• an English course to get you to the level you need for entry to your UQ program, and
• a conditional place in your preferred UQ program.

To receive a UQ package offer, you must provide evidence of your current English language ability (IELTS or other recognised test) with your UQ application. If you do not have an IELTS score or equivalent for your UQ program, or the overall IELTS score you achieved is below 5.0, join our General English classes. When you reach General English level 5, you can transfer to English for Academic Purposes.

Why study BEP

Some of the advantages of undertaking the Bridging English Program include:
• multiple entrance points to suit your English level
• weekly reviews and one-on-one progress consultation every five weeks
• gain entry into a UQ program without having to sit an IELTS test or other recognised test at the end of your program
• option to study BEP Extension and then repeat the assessment.

If you are seeking entry to a specific program at UQ, you can apply for a package offer.

How you will study

You will need to attend classes for 20 hours each week. Also, you are expected to compete the following activities outside of class times:
• online workbook tasks (6–8 hours per week)
• read and listen extensively (3–4 hours per week)
• ​set writing tasks (2–4 hours per week)
​• independent project work (1–2 hours per week)

How to apply

Visit Applying for Undergraduate Study for more information about package offers for undergraduate study.

Visit Applying for Postgraduate Study to learn more about package offers from UQ for postgraduate study. 

All applications for BEP are accepted through the UQ International admissions process. If you would like help with your application, please contact UQ International or a UQ representative in your country.

Program Level

You need to meet the academic requirements for entry to the UQ program and be within the specified range of English language proficiency for that program. Minimum entry is IELTS 5.0 or recognised equivalent for most programs, with some programs requiring a higher level.

Program Fees

Around $525 per week for tuition. View fees.

Program Length

10 to 30 weeks, depending on your English level. View how long do you need to study.

Program Dates

Start dates throughout the year. Your start date will be based on your current level of English, an estimate of how long you need to take to get to the required level and the start date for your UQ Program. You can choose to finish just before your UQ program starts, or earlier. View dates.

Program Hours

Full-time: 20 hours per week in class, 12 to 18 hours per week on tasks outside of class.

You will be placed in a morning or afternoon class.

Morning: 8.15am -12:45pm
Afternoon: 1:00pm - 5.30pm

Class size

Maximum 18 students per class.

Bring your own device

You are strongly encouraged to bring your own device to class to assist with your studies. Your device must have a full-sized independent keyboard.

How you will be assessed

Assessment tasks and tests are taken at the end of the program to evaluate your skills. If you meet all the BEP exit requirements for your UQ program you will be eligible to start your UQ program.


Your teachers will provide informal feedback throughout the course. Formal tests on speaking, writing, reading and listening are held at the end of every 5-week session. Read more about assessment and certification.

Program options

1. Bridging English Program (BEP) Advantage (recommended)

Choose BEP Advantage to complete your assessment five to six weeks before the start of the UQ semester. If you do not pass the end of program assessment the first time, you can complete the four-week BEP Extension to improve your language skills before you repeat the BEP assessment.

The benefits of choosing BEP Advantage include:
• you have time to take a break from study, prepare and get organised for your UQ program
• commence an Academic Communication Skills (ACS) course to further prepare you for your program
• undertake the BEP Extension course if you do not succeed at BEP assessment the first time.

2. Bridging English Program (BEP) Standard

The BEP Standard will finish immediately before the start of the UQ semester. The Academic Communication Skills and Bridging English Program Extension are not available with this option as there is no interval before the UQ semester. It is recommended that you only choose if you are unable to do BEP Advantage.

The BEP Standard finishes immediately before the start of the UQ semester. If you do not achieve your required English level to enter your degree, you will need to defer the start of your degree until the following semester.

What our students say

From Bridging English Program to UQ Master of Business

BEP gives you fun activities and fun homework .

Himanshu, India

What our students say

From Bridging English Program to UQ Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management

BEP is so helpful for new students. It feels like a transformation that helps us to get ready for academic study and adapt to life in Australia.

Ivy, China

What our students say

Bridging English Program experience

The teachers at ICTE are both patient and helpful. The UQ campus is both stunning and spacious and the facilities and student services are awesome. Definitely the first benefit of learning English on a university campus is the environment.

Tiffany, China