This course is best if you want to learn English language for the workplace.  You will learn modern business communication skills such as writing business reports, correspondence, promotional materials, and your own resume. You will prepare and deliver PowerPoint presentations.

In class, you will use modern course books as well as real-world listening and reading materials from the media, the internet and business journals.  You will also visit a workplace or tradeshow, where you will meet and speak with business people.

Course details


English for International Business Communication is offered at two levels and can be studied in 5-week blocks of 5, 10, 15 or 20 weeks. When you apply you can provide us with an approved test result or we can give you a simple test on your first day at our Brisbane campus. The test will help us work out the best class for you.


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5, 10, 15 or 20 weeks in 5-week blocks. Students usually study for 10 weeks at each course level.


Check for course start dates.


Full-time: 20 hours per week in class.

You will be placed in a morning or afternoon class.

Morning: 8.15am-12:45pm
Afternoon: 1pm - 5.30pm

Class size

Up to 18 students.


We recommend that you bring your own laptop.


Your teachers will provide informal feedback throughout the course. Formal tests on speaking, writing, reading and listening are held at the end of every 5-week session.  Read more about assessment and certification

Related programs

If you are seeking professional work experience in Australia following this course, an internship through our Go Global program may suit you. 

What our students say

Camila from Brazil talks about studying English for International Business Communication to reach her career goal.

My goal in life is to be a businesswoman working in international companies, so these English skills will be very helpful for me in my career.

What our students say

Hyewon from Korea talks about studying English for International Business Communication to reach her career goal.

The teachers are really friendly and passionate.

What our students say

Jimmy from Japan talks about his experience at UQ-ICTE.

The facilities and teachers are really good.

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