Advanced English Communication Skills

Advanced English Communication Skills (AECS) is designed to challenge students with advanced language skills to strengthen their speaking and listening abilities. This course is the most advanced General English course.  

Strengthen your speaking and listening abilities with AECS to:

  • Improve your ability to understand native speakers
  • Increase your vocabulary and knowledge of common English phrases
  • Refine your ability to use English grammar accurately
  • Improve the accuracy and fluency of your pronunciation
  • Feel confident discussing world issues and current events
  • Understand a range of real-world listening and reading materials
  • Collaborate with classmates to complete a project.

Course Content

Course modules include:

  • Integrated skills - development of speaking, listening and grammar skills.
  • Advanced reading - improved reading speed, increased reading fluency and increased vocabulary.
  • Advanced writing - planning and writing complex tasks
  • News and world affairs - newspapers, magazines, the Internet, TV and radio are used to develop listening, reading and discussion skills.
  • Project work - the class works together to write and produce a group project.This class is particularly useful for building confidence in using English and improving pronunciation. 
  • Film appreciation - by watching short film segments or one film over the course, students develop their listening skills and their ability to discuss films in depth.

Entry requirements

Completion of UQ-ICTE General English Level 6 with strong speaking and listening skills or one of the following sets of test scores:
  • IELTS: 6.0, no score less than 6.0
  • TOEFL iBT: 78 (Speaking 19; Listening 19; Reading 19; Writing 21)
  • Pearson: 60, no score less than 60
  • Cambridge: 169, no score less than 169


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5 - 15 weeks in 5-week blocks. Students usually study for 10 weeks at each course level.


Start dates are throughout the year. View dates.


Full-time: 20 hours per week in class.

You will be placed in a morning or afternoon class.

Morning: 8.15am-12:45pm
Afternoon: 1pm - 5.30pm

Class size

Up to 18 students


We recommend that you bring your own laptop.


Your teachers will provide informal feedback throughout the course. Formal tests on speaking, writing, reading and listening are held at the end of every 5-week session.

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