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Goal Appropriate program or course Entry score or level Length (weeks)
Learn English for life, and further study

General English (GE)

Choose GE if you need to improve your general English before studying EAP, Bridging English or on the UQ College Foundation Program 





Gain entry to a university degree program

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Choose EAP if you want to take IELTS to enter university or you need to improve your English before you can enter Bridging English or the UQ College Foundation Program, 

IELTS minimum score 5.0 or GE Level 4 to enter EAP I 5-30

Bridging English Program (BE)

This is the official UQ English pathway program. Choose BE if you want to enter the University of Queensland based on your BE assessment results

Click here to check 10-30

Entry requirements