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Student Visa holders who enrol for less than 30 weeks are required to pay tuition fees upfront.

Student visa holders enrolling for 30 weeks or more can choose to pay for 50% of their tuition fees upfront. Tuition fee payments at ICTE-UQ are divided into the following Payment Periods:


Tution Fee Payment Periods
Enrolment Length Payment Period 1
(paid upfront before course commencement)
Payment Period 2
(paid five weeks after commencement of your course)
30 weeks 15 weeks tuition fees 15 weeks tuition fees
35 weeks 15 weeks tuition fees 20 weeks tuition fees
40 weeks 20 weeks tuition fees 20 weeks tuition fees
45 weeks 20 weeks tuition fees 25 weeks tuition fees

Students studying for 30 weeks or more may choose to pay more than 50% of their tuition before they commence their course.  Five weeks after course commencement students must pay all their remaining tuition fees. Students must pay for each Period by the relevant due date for their enrolment to continue. 

Please note that students receive an eCoE for their full duration of enrolment at ICTE-UQ (and not for each separate Payment Period).