Fast track your international career with Go Global

Go Global may suit you if you are a:

  • university student seeking a semester abroad to gain international experience before you graduate
  • graduate seeking to quickly develop skills and experience to secure employment with an international company
  • young professional wanting a fast track to a promotion.

About the Go Global program

Go Global is a three-step program that will give you the skills and experience you need to improve your position in the global talent pool. 

Step 1 - Develop global communication skills

Study a quality 10 or 15 week intensive English language program and get the skills and confidence you need to communicate with the global business world.  Choose from General, Business and Advanced courses.

Step 2 - Prepare for the global workforce

Undertake a professional development program and quickly develop the practical workplace skills that multinational companies are looking for.

You will receive a total of 30 hours of specialised workplace preparation training. Sessions will be delivered part-time during step 1 and as an intensive block before progressing to step 3.

Workshop topics include job application and interview skills, communication, negotiation, teamwork, problem solving,self-management and work planning skills.