We run courses on demand - if there are enough people who want to do the same course at the same time.  

You can contact us to express interest in a course as an individual.  If you are part of an organisation or network, we can manage individual enrolments from your group, or customise a course to meet your needs.

Industry and technical training

Innovative Strategies for Delivering On and Off-the Job Training and Development in the Contemporary Public Sector - a course for key personnel in organisations whose goal is to effectively transition from a traditional training methodology to more innovative approaches to the delivery of education and training activities.

Fiscal Policy Analysis of Natural Resource Economics - a course for non-economists providing an introduction to essential theory and tools of natural resource economics.

Project report writing - a course designed to enhance participants’ project report writing skills in the English language through a series of practical workshops.

Teacher training courses

Blended teacher training - mix and match online and face-to-face modules to suit the needs of your group.

Content and Language Integrated Learning - for teaching English language in schools and a subject at the same time. 

Content and Language Integrated Learning for Higher Education - for teaching academic curriculum using English as a medium of instruction.

English and Methodology for TESOL Purposes - for English language teachers at any level who have a language background other than English.  

International Diploma of Language Teaching Management - for language teachers in management roles.

Customised group programs and study tours

We can work with your organisation to design and deliver programs to suit the needs of your group and provide individual support to students within your group.    

Find out more about partnering with us, and read case studies about our customised programs and study tours.