Short course: Fiscal Policy Analysis of Natural Resource Economics for Non-Economists

Duration: 5 days

Delivery location: UQ St Lucia Campus, Brisbane Australia

About the course

Held at The University of Queensland in Brisbane, this course is aimed at enabling non-economists to contribute and enhance their professional development. The course comprises core concepts including: introduction to essential theory, frameworks, metrics and tools for fiscal policy analysis of natural resources economics.

Course participants will be shown Australian examples of best practice on analysis of macroeconomic and fiscal impacts of natural resources/environmental changes as well as frameworks and models to estimate these impacts. Case studies on emerging and developing economies with examples in changes and impacts on natural resource stocks will also be used to examine and apply in class theories.

In addition to classroom sessions, participants will visit government agencies to assist their understanding and core learnings. In collaboration with UQ academics and current policy practitioners, the course allows participants opportunities to engage with guest speakers and partake in group projects.

Course content

  • Introduction to the course and basic metrics and frameworks to natural resources economics
  • Measuring the economy and environment—basic frameworks (e.g. National Accounts) & metrics (e.g. GDP, natural resources stocks)
  • Group-based problem-solving exercises in natural resources economics and economic & environmental measurement
  • Fiscal policy analysis of natural resources (i.e. how changes in natural resource stocks/conditions affect long-run sustainable output/income and fiscal sustainability)
  • Policy Context: Links between natural resources, fiscal policy and government decision-making
  • Group exercise and application of learning: Strategies to advance natural resource analysis, reporting and management
  • State of the Environment reporting: briefing on methodology and outcomes
  • Best-practice Australian examples of analysis of fiscal and macroeconomic impacts of natural resources/environmental changes with topics on:
  • Case Studies such as  Murray Darling Basin socio-economic impact modelling and Australian Treasury climate change modelling
  • Current status of natural resources reporting and analysis in the national accounts framework in Australia
  • Recent international efforts to improve the analysis of natural resources in national accounts
  • Case studies of emerging and developing economy examples of natural resource stock changes


This course is available to be run on demand, subject to sufficient enrolments. For enquiries please contact Dr Greta Nabbs-Keller, Manager Indonesia and Southeast Asia, UQ International Development.