Professional Year Program (PYP)

The Professional Year Program is designed to kick-start the careers of international accounting and engineering graduates in Australia. It also provides eligibility for migration points towards permanent residency.

PYP prepares you for your new career with relevant, practical training and workshops, a professional internship and networking opportunities.

The PYP experience

Your professional year will comprise 32 weeks of practical training, face-to-face study and workshops, and a 12-week professional internship.

During the program, you will: 

  • gain insight into Australian workplace conditions and the employment market 
  • develop a network of peers and professionals
  • plan your career, create your resume, and carry out your jobsearch with expert help.  

Throughout your internship, you will be supported with mentoring and training.

Why choose UQ

There are a few simple reasons why UQ provides the best PYP experience: 

  • Guaranteed internship placement and high employment outcomes - on average 60% of our participants secure employment in Australia before they graduate from the program, over 85% within 12 months of graduating.
  • World ranking university providing a state of the art learning environment - enjoy studying in a world class environment with superb facilities.
  • Training expertise - we have extensive experience in the design and delivery of leading edge, industry-relevant professional development programs.
  • Instructors with real-world insight - our instructors aren't just qualified trainers - they're real-world business professionals and experienced mentors who can help you launch a successful career in Australia.
  • Exceptional support - benefits include free IELTS preparation classes and a free IELTS test.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to students' frequently asked questions about PYP and internships.


Entry requirements

Suitable visa and English language proficiency, 2 years relevant tertiary study in Australia, skills assessment and interview.


44 weeks with 32 weeks professional development and 12-week internship, longer option (18 weeks) for accounting. 


Your placement is guaranteed.  Read more about the internship placement process.


$13, 465 for Accounting 
$15, 200 for Engineering


2 intakes per year. Get the latest dates.


Assessment, attendance and other policies

Apply for SMIPA
Apply for Engineering

Professional fields

SMIPA and engineering cards

Entry requirements, fees and how to apply.
Entry requirements, fees and how to apply.

What our students say

Q: Would you recommend other students choose ICTE-UQ for their PYP?

A: Yes. I recommend it to everyone I know. It’s the most valuable course I ever taken… I’ve already gained almost half of the tuition fees back by the extension of employment.

Guizhao Wang, PYP Group 22, 2015


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