ICTE-UQ partners with Australian Internships (AI) to arrange and manage Internship placements. AI was Australia’s first internship placement provider and works with thousands of active Host Companies around Australia.

Meeting industry needs - employers talk about the value of internship programs (Vimeo, 3m:23s)

Internship placement process

Early in the Professional Year Program, Australian Internships will start preparing you for your internship according to your skill sets, qualifications and program requirements.

Step 1: Get ready

We will teach you to:

  • write a targeted professional resume and cover letter
  • perform in job interviews
  • answer selection criteria
  • conduct a personal skills audit
  • develop a practical career plan
  • communicate professionally in the workplace
  • report to managers.

Step 2: Interview with Australian Internships

Several weeks into PYP classes, you will have a face-to-face interview with Australian Internships (AI). AI staff will ask you about your education, your work experience history, and your goals and preferences for your Internship. This is a good chance to practice your job interview skills.

PYP students are welcome to suggest businesses/organisations where they may want to do their Internship, and are encouraged to search for internship opportunities (especially if they have contacts within a certain business). Australian Internships will help you to negotiate a PYP Internship.

Step 3: Host company placement process

Australian Internships (AI) create an intern profile for you and match you with suitable Host Companies for your Internship. Your profile and resume is promoted to potential companies and organisations who may be interested in hosting you as an Intern.

Step 4: Interview with host company

Once you are matched with a potential host company, you will have a real job interview with this business/organisation. This may be a face-to-face interview, or a telephone or skype interview. 

Sometimes students are not successful the first time they are interviewed. This is normal and can be for a number of reasons. If this does happen, we will continue to look for other interested companies where you can re-interview for an Internship.

Step 5: Success at interview

Once you are successful in your interview, you will sign a Training Agreement (contract) for your internship with the host company.

Step 6: Start your internship

Once you have completed your PYP classes at ICTE-UQ, you will then commence your 12-week internship with your host company.