About the course

The course aims to develop the students’ ability to write accurately, concisely and clearly with a focus on theses and research papers.

Students meet weekly in multi-disciplinary groups. The program uses collaborative genre analysis and peer review activities to deepen student’s knowledge of the discourse practices of their disciplinary communities.  On the program, students will:

  • analyse the prose and schematic structure of research papers
  • study grammar to improve accuracy, brevity, clarity and style
  • hone editing and proofreading skills through collaborative tasks and peer review.


Classes will be offered via Zoom.


Date Day and time

8 June to 27 July 2021

Tuesdays 1.30–4.30pm


Date Day and time

9 June to 28 July 2021

Wednesdays 1.30–4.30pm


Contact the Graduate School for enrolment information.