Online teacher training and professional development

We have over 20 years' experience in teacher training and have trained and professionally developed teachers, education leaders and managers from countries around the world - both in-service and pre-service.

Our programs are highly practical and apply language learning theory and methodology to real classroom-based practice and/or experiential learning.  We strive to make our content relevant so that it can be directly applied to the teaching and learning environment or workplace.  We also continually invest in curriculum renewal and materials development to ensure the quality of our programs.

Find out more about why people choose ICTE for their teacher training and professional development.

Why teachers choose ICTE  


Online teacher training programs

Live online pre-service or in-service teacher training for groups.
Live online in-service teacher training program for individuals or small groups.
Learn to teach course content using English as a Medium of Instruction.
Learn about online and digital tools, using visual aids and strategies on how to engage with learners in the online classroom.

Technical requirements

To participate in the online classroom training program, participants must have:

  • a quiet, dedicated study space with access to an internet-connected device (laptop/personal computer preferred)
  • a webcam, headphones and a microphone
  • an activated UQ email account to access our network and online tools (information will be sent to participants prior to course commencement)
  • Zoom application downloaded on their personal computer and mobile phone 
  • a reasonably fast and stable internet connection.