English and Methodology for TESOL Purposes (EMTP) programs can be customised to suit individual client needs and are available for groups of TESOL teacher trainers and primary/secondary school, college and university teachers of English.

Customised EMTP programs are available for groups of 14-18 participants (or multiples thereof e.g. 28-36) and are typically 3-8 weeks in duration.

Program dates are negotiable however programs, where possible, should be timed to suit the Queensland Education Department school terms to allow for school visits.

Program options

ICTE can offer a wide range of extension programs both on and offshore to complement the core EMTP program

Offshore follow-up and mentoring

We have developed a two-phased delivery method for the EMTP programs where typically Phase I is delivered by ICTE in Brisbane and comprises a three - four week EMTP program followed by Phase II, which is undertaken in the participants’ country of origin, ideally 6-8 months after Phase I, allowing participants time and the opportunity to experiment with and reflect on teaching techniques and methodologies presented in Phase I of the program.

Phase II is designed to provide course participants with on-going professional development and direct, follow-up support. It can comprise different formats including individual classroom observation and feedback for teachers, workshops for teacher participants, ‘train-the-trainer’ programs and assistance with the development of support networks such as support through an online learning community.

Specialised Methodology Modules

Specialised methodology modules can be added as additional one-two week extensions to the core EMTP/EMBTP program. Program options include but are not limited to:

  • English and Methodology for Specific Purposes (EMSP) - this specialised module aims to introduce participants to the major concepts of English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Participants will gain knowledge of the process of ESP course design and implementation starting with a needs analysis and progressing to materials selection, course evaluation and assessment.
  • English and Methodology for Testing and Evaluation Purposes (EMTEP) - the EMTEP specialisation combines theory and practice to explore current testing methodology at institutional, national and international level with a minor focus on language and lexis. Participants will gain knowledge on why and how educators test, moderation, standardisation and criteria decoding as well as experience opportunities to apply relevant theories through practice test activities.


For more information on customised EMTP group programs and to find out about how UQ-ICTE can tailor an English language teacher training program to meet your individual or institutional needs please contact info@icte.uq.edu.au.