English for Specific Purposes : TESOL

Chilean ESP:TESOL students at end of session BBQ 2012
Chilean ESP:TESOL students at end of session BBQ 2012


English for Specific Purposes: TESOL (ESP:TESOL) is designed for students who are considering becoming a teacher of English as a second language (ESL) or who are already ESL teachers in their own country. 

ESP:TESOL focuses on developing English language skills through topics of general interest and TESOL-related content.

ESP:TESOL is offered as a 5 or 10-week course open to individual and small group enrolments. Tuition involves 20 hours face-to-face classes and five hours of online learning each week.

Teaching Knowledge Test preparation

ESP:TESOL also provides preparation for the Cambridge English Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).

  • ESP:TESOL A focusses on Cambridge TKT Module 1 (Background to language teaching)
  • ESP: TESOL B focusses on Cambridge TKT Modules 2 (Planning for language teaching) and 3 (Classroom Management).

The TKT is not a teaching qualification but an assessment tool that aims to increase the knowledge and confidence of students and enhance future job and training prospects. The TKT test fees are not included in the tuition fees for the program.

Fixed date programs

ESP:TESOL fixed-date programs provide an opportunity for students to study in small classes (12-18) with other international students.

Group programs

ESP:TESOL group programs of flexible duration can be coordinated to meet program partner requirements. ESP:TESOL group programs are available for groups of 14-18 participants and are typically 3-5 weeks in duration.

Entry requirements

  • IELTS: 5.0 (Speaking & Writing: 5)
  • TOEFL iBT: 56 (Speaking: 15; Writing: 17)
  • TOEFL PBT: 500 (Writing: 55/4)
  • PTE: 42 (Speaking & Writing: 42)
  • or completion of ICTE-UQ GE Level 5 with a pass in each macro skill.

Course outcomes

ESP:TESOL enables you to:

  • improve your English communication skills 
  • develop your knowledge and understanding of current English language teaching methods
  • learn practical activities which can be used for teaching English
  • develop English language and classroom management skills through practice teaching sessions
  • practise for the TKT. 

Course content

  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP) - analysis and discussion of current methods for teaching English
  • TKT Preparation - familiarisation and practice for the TKT
  • Practice Teaching Session - assisted preparation for and guided feedback on a Practice Teaching Session
  • Integrated Language Skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing skills development using topics of general interest as well as TESOL-related themes

Assessment and certification

Level: Higher Intermediate (CEFR B2.2)

The TKT is held in the last week of each 5-week ESP:TESOL course. Students taking the TKT will need to register for the test with their course enrolment. TKT payment should be made with tuition fees. Read more about TKT.

In addition to the TKT, separate Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing tests are held at the end of each 5-week session.

Students are also required to adhere to the ICTE-UQ Attendance Policy.

What our students say

To date, more than 165 students from universities across Chile have participated in ICTE-UQ ESP:TESOL programs and launched their teaching careers with confidence.

Hear Luis from Chile talk about his ESP:TESOL experience (Vimeo, 2m:41s)


Course dates and fees

Preferred provider health cover fees

Student visa holders are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover.  After receiving your enrolment, ICTE-UQ will calculate the exact period you will require 'Overseas Student Health Cover' provided by Allianz Global Assistance and include the fees in your Offer Letter.

Enrolment Period

Student only cover Dual Family cover* Multi Family cover+
10 weeks AUD$ 220 - 275 AUD$ 1,077 AUD$ 1,558
15 weeks AUD$ 275 - 330  AUD$ 1,292 AUD$ 1,870
20 weeks AUD$ 376 AUD$ 1,473 AUD$ 2,393
25 weeks AUD$ 469 AUD$ 1,834 AUD$ 2,654
30 weeks AUD$ 516 AUD$ 2,014 AUD$ 2,915
35 weeks AUD$ 562 AUD$ 2,195 AUD$ 3,176
40 weeks AUD$ 717 AUD$ 2,756 AUD$ 3,999
45 weeks AUD$ 880 AUD$ 3,328 AUD$ 4,840

* Dual Family Cover = 1 student + 1 adult partner (spouse or de-facto) OR 1 student + 1 or more children
+ Multi Family Cover = 1 student + 1 adult partner (spouse or de-facto) + 1 or more children

These figures are based on the number of weeks per course. In some cases, your Student Visa duration may be longer to allow for extra session breaks. 


Placement fee $250
Weekly fee  $250
Late payment fee $50


Airport transfers (each way)

Brisbane airport $110
Coolangatta airport (Gold Coast) $235
'No show' fee $30-60