About the course

undergrad engineering students measuring model constructionEnglish for Academic Communication (EAC) Engineering is designed to help students from non-English speaking backgrounds studying ENGG1211. The course teaches the English language skills you need to communicate with other students and to complete assessment.

Areas focused on include:

  • written communication
  • grammar and vocabulary
  • oral communication skills.


All classes are held in different building, check with Student Hub - see directions. You will be sent your room number by email before classes start.

Every Monday, Tuesday, or Friday (depending on the class)


Online registration is now open. 

Registration for class 1 - Monday 12pm to 2pm

Registration for class 2 - Monday 4pm to 6pm 

Registration for class 3 - Tuesday 10am to 12pm

Registration for class 4 - Friday 2pm to 4pm


Please email ICTE Admissions if you have any queries.