Provisional results online

You can view your provisional test results online on the 13th day after your test. 

The provisional online test results are not formal advice of results and comprise only one stage of the results delivery process. Provisional online results must not be considered as the final test result and cannot be used to support any applications, candidates make to recognising organisations.

Provisional results will only be available online for a period of 28 days.

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Final Test Report

Results will be mailed directly to the Australian or overseas address you supply in your test application form.

  • Test results mailed to addresses in Australia are sent by standard Australia Post services. Results sent to an address in Brisbane usually take 3-4 business days to arrive after they are posted by UQ-ICTE. For information about standard postal delivery times to other locations in Australia please contact Australia Post.
  • If you would like your test results posted to an address overseas you will need to supply UQ-ICTE with a pre-paid Australia Post International Express Letter Envelope. Please write the address where you would like your test results sent on the envelope and give it to UQ-ICTE with your test application. The address must be written in English as well as the language used where the envelope will be sent.

Test results cannot be provided by fax, email or over the phone.

If, after submitting your test application, you change the address where you would like your results to be sent please:

  1. Complete the IELTS change of address form
  2. Bring the completed form with you on your test day and provide it to registration staff or send it to UQ-ICTE by fax, email or post.
  3. Change of address forms are also available at the test centre on Test days.

Change of Address Forms cannot be accepted later than 5 working days after your actual test date.

You are provided with one original copy of your test results only. Do not give your personal copy away.

We  can send 5 copies of your Test Report Form (TRF) free of charge to appropriate organisations. Please note, for the copies to be provided free of charge, the organisations’ names must be listed on your application form at the time of submission.

Requests for copies of your test results to be sent to an appropriate organisation that is not listed on your original application form will attract a fee of AUD$ 20 per test copy. Information on how to apply is provided below.

Appropriate organisations that you can ask for a duplicate copy of your test results to be sent to are: universities, immigration departments, government agencies, professional bodies or multi-national companies. Test results can not be sent to migration agents or legal representatives.

To order a duplicate test result for an approved organisation please:

  1. download and complete the Application for the issue of additional test report form 
  2. pay the fee online.

If you would like a duplicate copy of your results posted to an organisation located outside of Australia, we will send your results using standard Air Mail services. If you would like your results to be posted using a faster service you can:

  • supply UQ-ICTE with a pre-paid and pre-addressed Australia Post International Express Letter Envelope

  • arrange for a courier service to collect from UQ-ICTE. Payment must be made in advance.

Please note that requests to send additional copies of your test results to appropriate organisations can only be made within the two-year validity period of the test result.