• Cancellations and transfers must be made no later than five weeks before the test date.
  • If you were not able to sit your test due to serious medical reasons and want your test fee refunded you must apply to have your test place cancelled and provide a letter from a doctor within five working days of your test date.

The test fee must be paid in full at the time of submitting your application. 

Reason for taking IELTS
Test Fee
 GST  Total
Access to education
$340  - $340
Membership of a professional or trade association
$340  - $340
Registration or licensing for a particular occupation
$340  - $340
$340  - $340
Immigration: Skilled Migration for any of the above
$340  - $340
Other: including other categories of immigration $340

Step 1

Complete the request for refund form and bank account details form and return them to us by post, email, or in person. DO NOT return the bank account form via email with credit card details. 

If you are applying for a refund for medical reasons, you MUST

  • provide a letter from a doctor explaining why you could not attend test day
  • have your doctor to sign and stamp your Request for Refund form

Step 2

We will assess your application.

Step 3

If your application is approved, we will refund the test fee (less the $82.50 cancellation fee) to you.

Refunds usually take three-four weeks.

The cost to transfer to another test date is $82.50

Step 1

Complete the request for transfer or refund form and return it with payment of the $82.50 fee. You can pay using one of the following methods

  • Credit card (in person or online)
  • EFTPOS (in person only) - visit UQ-ICTE

Step 2

We will send you an email to confirm your new test date.