UQ Partner Experience Week showcases UQ-ICTE technology

In a recent presentation to 63 visiting international education agents and as part of the UQ Partner Experience Week 2018, Henno Kotzé (Senior Teacher – Technology and Independent Learning) and Paul Forster (Academic Manager – Customised Programs and Technology) showcased the technology used at UQ-ICTE for teaching and learning.

In the interactive session, the UQ-ICTE staff spoke about the range of student-response and online quiz tools used to enhance learning.  The agents had the opportunity to try their hand at an Aussie Slang Kahoot! activity.

Paul Forster spoke about the Swivl robot camera used for classroom observations and how digital scavenger hunts are being used to boost student engagement.

Henno Kotzé described the educational technology professional development opportunities available for teachers at UQ-ICTE. He also gave them a taste of some of the new, immersive technologies UQ-ICTE is starting to integrate into the curriculum and in other areas such as student orientation. This included the use of augmented reality (AR) through the Metaverse app with footage shot on campus with a 360° camera and incorporated into the AR app. This was very well received by the visiting international education agents.

UQ-ICTE is also currently developing 360° videos and photos to build its own immersive virtual tour of the institute and campus.