Package offers

If you need help to achieve the English language proficiency requirements for entry into UQ, you can apply for a 'Package Offer' that includes: 

  • an ICTE-UQ English language course
  • an offer that is conditional on your achieving the level of English proficiency required by your UQ degree program.

Package Offers are only issued to students who:

  • already meet all the academic entry requirements for their chosen UQ degree program
  • can provide evidence of their current English language ability (IELTS or other recognised test).

There are two English language pathways to UQ that you may be offered.

yellow dot Bridging English Program

Steps on the BEP pathway to UQ:

  1. IELTS or other recognised test
  2. Bridging English Program (BEP)  for 10 to 30 weeks
  3. UQ entry

So long as you meet BEP exit requirements, you will gain entry to your UQ degree program and will not need to sit an IELTS (or other recognised) test on course completion.

Read more about the Bridging English program (BEP)

English for Academic Purposes

Steps on the EAP pathway to UQ:

  1. IELTS or other recognised test
  2. English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course of variable length based on your English language ability
  3. IELTS (or other recognised test)
  4. UQ entry

When you complete your EAP course you will need to take an IELTS (or other recognised) test to demonstrate that you meet the English language proficiency requirements to progress to your UQ degree program.

Read more about English for Academic Purposes (EAP)



Entry requirements

You must meet the academic entry requirements of your chosen program.


Depends on how long you need to study English, around 10 to 30 weeks.

Course fees 

Around $450 per week.

How to apply

Begin by applying for a UQ program:


What our students say

Caty Li

Caty Li (China)
Completed English for Academic Purposes and Bridging English/UQ Pathway program, now a Masters student at UQ

I had a wonderful time studying at ICTE-UQ and made friends from around the world. Teachers at ICTE-UQ were super helpful, they marked our assignments carefully and were willing to answer any questions even during their break time. What’s more, the handouts that we used in our class were extremely practical, it covered the fundamental vocabulary that we need for university study.

I had limited English before coming to Australia and had no idea what academic English was. ICTE-UQ facilitated the program in a way that set a solid foundation for my Master studies as well as training my skill set to be able to handle various assignment requirements and a heavy workload. I appreciate all the kinds of essay writing exercises and reading paper practice that I undertook before commencing my Masters journey. This really took the pressure off of me, and helped with my academic achievements.