Why book directly with UQ-ICTE homestay?

Here are some of the reasons why we recommend that you use UQ-ICTE homestay over other agencies:

  1. A rigorous recruitment and selection process ensures that students are placed in quality homestays.
  2. UQ-ICTE offers in-house support and counselling to both host families and students.
  3. A supportive and interactive homestay creates a stable environment for students, which leads students to academic success.

Featured Host - Jodie

Homestay Host

How did you find out about homestay and what motivated you to become hosts?

A friend’s mother, who is also a homestay host, suggested hosting students as we had a spare room.

We found out some more information via the website, and have an interview and home visit from one of the members of the homestay team.

How have you enjoyed the homestay experience?

Homestay has been fun and exciting! It has its challenges like with anything (sometimes the language differences can cause confusion), but once you get over an obstacle it’s very rewarding. I highly recommend becoming a homestay host to anyone who is open- minded, has patience, and would love to learn about other cultures/sharing your life with others.

What are your favourite things about hosting, and your favourite activities to do with your students?

My favourite thing about being a homestay host is sharing many experiences with our students, especially things they haven’t experienced before. Some of their favourite activities including getting dressed up, eating toffee apples and watching jousting at the Abbey Medieval Festival; holding a koala, feeding and patting kangaroos; visiting one of the many beautiful beaches; going out for one of our famous steaks/meat pies; taking road trips to new places or having an Aussie BBQ. It’s great that the students are very open-minded about trying new things.

Have you felt supported by the homestay office during your time hosting?

Yes, the team at homestay has been fantastic and is always happy to answer any enquiries we may have.