Fun exercises

Sign-up to No Red Ink to practise grammar and writing skills with fun topics, engaging exercises and instant, specific feedback. With loads of grammar rules and exercises to choose from, you will become a grammar guru in no time at all! 

Quizlet - providing millions of study sets and topics, Quizlet lets you learn, review and share vocabulary in a variety of interactive and effective ways.

Instant feedback on your own work

Get instant feedback on your own written work by uploading it to Cambridge English's Write and Improve

Install the Grammarly browser extension to proofread your writing for grammar, punctuation, spelling and more as you type.

Structuring your writing 

MindMapfree a fantastic educational app that lets you create quick and easy mind-maps, hassle-free. You'll never forget another brilliant idea again! 

Evernote where you can take interactive and multimedia notes and access them from any device - you'll never need another note-taking app

Teacher's tip: practice, practice, practice! Doing some writing every day will soon become a habit and will help you make great improvements in your writing skills.  Rewrite everything you do - if your teacher makes corrections, rewrite to include these too.