Many of our students are preparing to take the IELTS test. You can prepare and book your test here at ICTE,  Brisbane's first IELTS test centre, where we offer free, expert preparation online (enrol in the course or sign-in if you have enrolled already) and in monthly face-to-face classes.

Other IELTS preparation materials and resources we recommend include websites from three IELTS experts: Pauleen Cullen’s IELTS Weekly, Simon Corcoran’s IELTS-Simon .

For help with preparing for university studies in English, Using English for Academic Purposes is a great resource to improve your academic writing style, organisation and grammar, while the Academic Phrase Bank can help you find the right phrase for the right academic situation. Academic English Online is another great resource that has a number of web-based activities to improve this aspect of your English.

Teacher's tip: Attend the guest lectures and workshops held at ICTE which focus on academic topics to help you become familiar with Australian academic culture and requirements.