Use this form to query your results or make a request for a special examination.

Special Exam Request

As a BE student, you may be granted special examinations for medical, compassionate reasons or exceptional circumstances. You will be required to submit an BE Enquiry on Results Form with supporting evidence to request a special examination.

Where you request a special examination due to medical reasons, you must provide a medical certificate providing evidence that you were ill on the test date/s. Medical certificates should not be provided by a near relative or close associate of the student.  We reserve the right to check the authenticity of the medical certificate with the medical practitioner.

The Director of Studies has delegated authority to approve applications for special examinations on these grounds.

Students will be notified of the outcome of their appeal by email or in person within five (5) working days of their submission. Where the outcome is favourable for a special examination, the student will be required to sit the test within two (2) weeks of the decision.

Where a student is dissatisfied with the decision they have the right to take the matter further through the Institute's Complaints and Grievance Resolution process.

Enquiry on results

  1. An Enquiry on Results can only be conducted within two (2) weeks of the certificate release date.
  2. Applications must be made using this form at the ICTE Reception desk, level 5, Sir Llew Edwards Building (Bldg 14) or by email to
  3. An Enquiry on Results is not conducted simply because a student has not passed the course. The  student is required to provide the reasoning for their request.
  4. We will try to send a response to your enquiry within five (5) working days of the request.


Policies and procedural forms
13 February 2020 12:38pm