Ivy talks about her Bridging English Program experience

My name is Ye Wang (Ivy) and I come from Beijing in China. I was a Bridging English Program (BEP) student at ICTE in 2018 and I am now studying a Master of Tourism, Hotel and Event Management at The University of Queensland.

Before coming to Australia, I had worked for several years in China. One of the reasons for leaving my job in China and coming to Australia was that I wanted to learn something new, experience different cultures and broaden my horizon.

I came to Brisbane to study English because in my previous job there was no opportunity for me to practice English. The education agent advised me to spend a while at ICTE to enhance my English before entering UQ.

All the teachers I met at ICTE were very kind and patient, helping us to improve our English, sharing their stories and giving us suggestions when we were under pressure.

In the first ten weeks we built a foundation for further academic study. The teachers helped us understand how to structure academic essays, how to read effectively, etc. Besides that, every week we had a topic to discuss, like global warming, the aging population, etc.

We had a combination of paper exercises and online tasks.  The online tasks helped us to review what we had learnt the previous week.

BEP was a great opportunity for me to learn how to speak English not just for exams. In particular, I like the environment BEP offered and I felt motivated to learn more.

To be honest, I had hesitated and wondered whether I needed to spend several months at a language school. Now as a recent postgraduate student, I fully recommend BEP to those who are hesitating.

BEP is so helpful for new students. It feels like a transformation that helps us to get ready for academic study and adapt to life in Australia.

I recommend all activities to future BEP students. I does not matter if you are not a big fan of sport or interested in singing as there are so many activities provided by ICTE. All activities can be a good opportunity for you to improve your English and meet new friends.

I went to the Conversation Club almost every week. I believe it is beneficial for English language students to improve their English. Sometimes we feel too shy to communicate with others, especially with native speakers. The Conversation Club provides us with a good opportunity to chat freely.

I am so lucky with my accommodation as I rented a satisfactory apartment about two weeks after arriving in Brisbane. There are many accommodation options available, like student specific, homestay and private rentals. I remember that when I first arrived the process of signing the rental contract with an agency was a big challenge. My BEP teacher helped me a lot with the rental contract.

Tips that I have for other BEP students include, “don’t be shy!” I was worried that my English was not good enough to communicate with others and I was unwilling to speak English in public. Please don’t do that! Opening your mouth to speak English is always the first step to improving your English. The second tip is to participate in more activities and meet more friends. Speak and use English and don't just learn English.

Last updated:
26 November 2018