Marc’s journey: Week 1 vlog

We’re excited to welcome Thirathada Chinchapo (Marc) to Brisbane for his 5-week English language scholarship. Marc, a physical therapy student at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, was awarded an English language scholarship to study abroad in Australia.

The scholarship is sponsored by The University of Queensland’s Institute Continuing & TESOL Education (ICTE), in partnership with and Beyond Study Center in Thailand.

Marc will be filming his journey at ICTE and his Australian experience over the next five weeks.

In his first video, Marc talks about his unique homestay experience, and what it’s like living with an Australian family. Marc also explores Brisbane and The University of Queensland’s campus.

Watch Marc’s first vlog:

Marc has really enjoyed his first week learning English at ICTE and can already see improvements in his language abilities. Marc has found the course structure to be beneficial and is studying English for International Business Communication course (EIBC).

Some of the things Marc is learning in his EIBC class are:

  • speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for a business context
  • learning business terminology and practices
  • writing various types of documents used in the workplace


English for International Business Communication is offered at two levels and is designed to help you confidently use English in the workplace. 


Last updated:
16 June 2021