From Shenzhen to Brisbane- Week 3 and 4 with Jerome

Over the next six weeks, we will join scholarship student Jerome. Jerome is from Brisbane's sister city, Shenzhen in China, and was the 2019 winner of a scholarship program that includes:

  • Five week's of English language tuition at ICTE
  • Six week's accommodation courtesy of Student One in the Brisbane CBD
  • One week's volunteer work experience with the International team at Brisbane City Council's Lord Mayors office.

My accommodation, Student One, regularly organises a variety of activities, and usually, there will be one every day. These activities include a night-time movie, boxing, cooking classes, zoo excursions etc. I attended one of the activities on Monday, which is called the Milk Shake Mania. We were provided with the ingredients: ice cream, milk, toppings and we had to combine them all together. My friend and I both made one, which tasted delicious!

I am staying in the CBD, which is really close to South Bank. The City Library and many museums are located in South Bank. On the weekend, I went to one of the most famous museums- the Brisbane Art Gallery Museum. I was stunned by the artistic works and the deep meaning behind each piece, especially the geometric artwork. 

At South Bank there is also an artificial beach, which is really amazing. My friend Junho, who is an engineering student and also here on a scholarship, and I talked about how incredible it is that this beach can be so well preserved in the city.

My friend and I came across a Symphony Composing competition held by Brisbane City Council at the city library. We were welcomed to be part of the audience to enjoy the splendid melody created by the local talented people. It has been a great third week in Brisbane.

Fourth Week

Shenzhen, the city that I live in, is an immigrant city and therefore full of diversity. However, the diversity around Brisbane still managed to impress me. Maintaining it’s historical and domestic culture, Brisbane city is open and ready to embrace people with different cultural backgrounds. I have met students from all over the world, including students from Asia, South America, Europe and more! Brisbane provides us students with a comfortable and inclusive atmosphere through various cultural activities. Together we learn from each other and we begin to know ourselves better as well.

On the weekend, my friend Junho and I joined a River City Cruise to see the wonderful city views along the Brisbane River.

Jerome on the Brisbane River

On Thursday, I attended The University of Queensland’s NAIDOC Music Culture Art Festival. Many talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers, artists and dancers, celebrated the festival together with us. I felt fortunate and honoured to see part of Australian culture.

That night, I went to see a movie called Annabelle Comes Home, which is from one of my favourite movie series called Conjuring Universe. Usually, in Mainland China, people don’t have the opportunity to see a horror movie like that in the cinema. Allowing the community to share and experience art is another thing that I love about Brisbane.


Last updated:
10 February 2020