Vincent's letter of advice to future students

English & Methodology for TESOL Purposes (EMTP) program participant, Vincent Choy, shares his advice to future ICTE students. Vincent is from The University of Hong Kong and spent six weeks studying at ICTE.

Vincent's Letter of Advice

Having studied in Brisbane for around six weeks, I’m already in love with the city! I enjoyed it immensely because of all the people, places and things I’ve learnt here.

Firstly, on arrival my host family created a welcoming atmosphere for me by thoroughly introducing to me to their way of living. I know you may feel exhausted after the long 8-hour flight but just pay extra attention to your host family so that you will know what to expect when living in your homestay. Of course, you may also share what you expect during your immersion in Australia. For my case, I told them I’d love to have my dinner later at night because I hoped to make the most of the day time to explore Brisbane and The University of Queensland (UQ) as much as possible. Then they wouldn’t always expect my presence at family dinner (around 6 pm) and would leave dinner for me in the fridge. Just text your host parents early enough and feel free to communicate with them.

As for the exploration outside of Brisbane, I would recommend Melbourne as another city to visit if you happen to have any long weekends. Melbourne is a busier city than Brisbane, and I would say it’s the more cultural version of Hong Kong. There will be lots to explore if you love coffee, street arts, night life and museums.

Apart from travelling, what has fascinated me the most during the immersion program is the lessons at UQ. I have honestly learnt to teach from a totally different approach from the traditional way in Hong Kong. Please be prepared to engage actively. The program at ICTE is more like a series of workshops which involve intense interactions among peers and teachers. I am sure all the knowledge and skills here will benefit you for good!

Just enjoy everything you will experience in Brisbane. Wish you a wonderful and rewarding stay!



Last updated:
15 June 2021