Student experience: We use a lot of materials in class such as music, games and technology

Turkish student, Ali Altug, has been studying General English at ICTE for 10 weeks. Ali came across the opportunity to study at ICTE from his colleagues in Turkey. During his time here, Ali has made a lot of international friends, explored the UQ St Lucia campus and has taken advantage of Queensland's hot summer days at the beach.

Ali shares his experience below:

"ICTE gave me the opportunity to improve my English skills and to make lots of foreign friends. UQ is a big and beautiful campus that offers everything you need.  I have had a lot of fun on campus.

I made the decision to come to Brisbane after reading the positive comments of past ICTE students. There are so many activities to do around Brisbane, especially if you like the beach. There are wonderful restaurants and food available here.

I spent a month in homestay before moving out with fellow UQ students in house sharing. The homestay was a great experience that taught me a lot about Australian culture, and the family cooked me a lot of great meals. It is a lot of fun living with other UQ students as well and exploring the city together.

I have a lot of friends from other countries in my class and I learned about their cultures during my studies. My teachers are very kind and friendly to students. We use a lot of materials for examples music and games and technology, it is a lot of fun.  I recommend this program to anyone thinking about studying abroad."

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Last updated:
15 June 2021