ICTE launches new Bridging English materials

ICTE teachers and students are excited to be using our new Bridging English materials, created by a team of ICTE writers, editors and designers. The materials provide opportunities to learn English for Academic Purposes with a unique UQ twist.

Senior Academic Manager, Mr Iain Mathieson:

“Our aim was to create high-quality materials that will not only help our students to improve their academic English language proficiency and reach their goal of studying at the University of Queensland, but also equip them with the academic study skills and critical thinking skills that they need to be successful in their degree studies at UQ. As part of this package, we’ve incorporated additional new online materials for student self-access which provide revision and extension, and at the same time develop the digital literacies that students need for university studies in the 21st century.”

Consultant Editor, textbook author and assessment expert Ms Pauline Cullen:

‘’It’s been an enormous pleasure to be involved in this project. My writing philosophy has always been, ‘create the book you’ve been searching for’, and this course achieves that beautifully. It not only reflects the UQ setting perfectly, but is also tailor-made to meet the needs of high-level students, combining EAP with test preparation in a unique and effective way. I’m sure that the students and teachers who get to use it will agree that this is an interesting and exciting set of materials, and it’s a great reflection on the expertise and creativity of the talented team at ICTE.’’

Editor/Writer and ICTE Language Teacher, Dr Megan Yucel:

“The materials focus on developing the four skills, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking, using texts that are carefully chosen to display features of academic discourse, with a particular focus on the Australian academic context. We were also mindful of selecting topics that are engaging and relevant to university students. The materials provide opportunities to learn English for Academic Purposes with an emphasis on the Australian and UQ context. Many of the units feature the UQ campus and highlight research that is being done here.”

ICTE Language Teacher, Mr Malcolm Kirkwood:

“The new Bridging English (BE10) materials are great as they present students with interesting, relatable content in an integrated manner. Also impressive is the balance between process and product in the explicit development of test skills and related language micro-skills alongside regular content. Top marks to the development team!”  

BE 10 student Ms Hsuan-Chia Huang (Maggie):

“This book has good test strategies.”

Last updated:
9 October 2020