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Prepare for success in academic study and the IELTS test. 


EAP develops academic language as well as study and research skills, such as attending lectures, note-taking, writing extended essays, reading academic texts, giving presentations and participating in group discussions.

I would certainly recommend studying at ICTE-UQ to other students. My experiences here have been extraordinarily good both academically and personally - Lyria, Burundi

    What will you learn?

    EAP will enable you to:

    • express facts, ideas and opinions in writing, using correct and appropriate vocabulary, grammatical structures and other features of academic writing
    • apply a range of reading skills in order to understand and respond to a variety of written texts
    • speak clearly and confidently
    • understand spoken English in conversations, discussions, lectures and to take notes
    • use a range of study skills including research skills, in order to gather, combine and critically examine information and ideas from different sources
    • apply the skills and language studied to the IELTS test.

    Students can complete an IELTS test towards the end of their EAP course to demonstrate that they meet the English language proficiency requirements for UQ degree program entry.

    What will you do?

    Course materials and assessment reflect the type of activities and learning environment that you may experience in a degree or academic study program.

    • Integrated Academic Skills: a variety of texts are used to develop reading and comprehension skills. Written work develops your ability to construct complex sentences, paragraphs and essays. Discussions improve spoken fluency, confidence and range of language.
    • IELTS Preparation: practise all areas of the IELTS test, including test-taking strategies and timed practise.

    laptop iconBring your own device

    You are encouraged to bring your own device to class to assist with studies (laptop or tablet).

    Sample timetable

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    IELTS Preparation: Speaking Integrated Academic Skills IELTS reading Integrated Academic Skills Integrated Academic Skills
    IELTS listening Integrated Academic Skills IELTS writing Integrated Academic Skills Integrated Academic Skills



    Entry Requirements

    Two entry points: IELTS 5.0 or 5.5 or similar. Read more.


    5, 10, 20 or 30 weeks


    20 hours face-to-face classes and five hours of SKILL-UP directed self-access learning each week.

    Fees and dates

    Around $400 per week for tuition. Read more.


    Testing every 5 weeks plus assignments. Read more.


    Course dates and fees ($AUD)

    Enrolment length Tuition  Student services & materials

    Total inc $220 enrolment fee

    5 weeks $2,000 $50 $2,270
    10 weeks $4,000 $100 $4,320
    15 weeks $6,000 $150 $6,370
    20 weeks $8,000 $200 $8,420
    25 weeks $10,000 $250 $10,470
    30 weeks $12,000 $300 $12,520
    35 weeks $14,000 $350 $14,570
    40 weeks $16,000 $400 $16,620
    45 weeks $18,000 $450 $18,670


    Session  GE  EIBC  EAP  ESP: TESOL
    1. 9 January - 10 February 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks (ESP : TESOL A)
    2. 13 February - 17 March 2017 5 weeks  5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks (ESP : TESOL B)
    3. 27 March - 28 April 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks  
    4. 2 May - 2 June 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks  
    5. 12 June - 14 July 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks  
    6. 24 July - 25 August 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks  
    7. 28 August - 29 September 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks  
    8. 9 October - 10 November 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks  
    9. 13 November - 15 December 2017 5 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks  

    Preferred provider health cover fees

    Student visa holders are required to have Overseas Student Health Cover.  After receiving your enrolment, ICTE-UQ will calculate the exact period you will require 'Overseas Student Health Cover' provided by Allianz Global Assistance and include the fees in your Offer Letter.

    Enrolment Period

    Student only cover Dual Family cover* Multi Family cover+
    10 weeks AUD$ 220 - 275 AUD$ 1,077 AUD$ 1,558
    15 weeks AUD$ 275 - 330  AUD$ 1,292 AUD$ 1,870
    20 weeks AUD$ 376 AUD$ 1,473 AUD$ 2,393
    25 weeks AUD$ 469 AUD$ 1,834 AUD$ 2,654
    30 weeks AUD$ 516 AUD$ 2,014 AUD$ 2,915
    35 weeks AUD$ 562 AUD$ 2,195 AUD$ 3,176
    40 weeks AUD$ 717 AUD$ 2,756 AUD$ 3,999
    45 weeks AUD$ 880 AUD$ 3,328 AUD$ 4,840

    * Dual Family Cover = 1 student + 1 adult partner (spouse or de-facto) OR 1 student + 1 or more children
    + Multi Family Cover = 1 student + 1 adult partner (spouse or de-facto) + 1 or more children

    These figures are based on the number of weeks per course. In some cases, your Student Visa duration may be longer to allow for extra session breaks. 


    Placement fee $250
    Weekly fee  $250
    Late payment fee $50

    Airport transfers (each way)

    Brisbane airport $110
    Coolangatta airport (Gold Coast) $235
    'No show' fee $30-60


    What our students are doing

    Adam Alyaha (Saudi Arabia)
    Completed General English, English for Academic Purposes and is now studying International Tourism Management.

    My experience at ICTE-UQ is a remarkable one. The unique teaching style and the supportive approach of teachers towards me, made my learning of English seamless. The learning facilities along with the range of inclusive activities and student services at ICTE-UQ contributed to my unforgettable learning experience.

    Today I hold an executive role in two students’ societies as well as proudly being one of Brisbane’s International Student’s Ambassadors, a program that is part of the Lord Mayor’s initiative to introduce Brisbane to the world as a modern world city and a student destination. I am also completing my degree of International Tourism Management here, at UQ.

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