How does online invigilation work?

ProctorU is a remote invigilation service that ICTE will use for your exams. ProctorU provides you with a remote exam invigilator. Your exam will be delivered using Blackboard and another online testing platform. Online invigilation allows you to take your exam in a suitable examination space, including your home. You will be supervised by a real person in real-time via your webcam.

To get a general idea of how an exam is supervised online, take a look at this video explaining ProctorU. 

Note: Not all the information in the video applies specifically to ICTE Bridging English exams. Please refer to this guide for ICTE specific information.

You will be helped to start your exams by your online invigilator, who will communicate with you using your computer’s webcam, microphone and speakers. There is also a web-chat facility to chat to your invigilator if you have any technical issues or problems with the exam. After you start your exam, your invigilator will continue to monitor you and your use of applications on your computer. The invigilator will not be intrusive so that you can focus fully on your exam. They will continue to monitor you during the full exam, and just like in an on-campus paper-based exam, look for any unusual activity and intervene if necessary.

For example, leaving the view of the webcam during the exam (unless for allowed breaks), recording or copying any part of an exam, getting help from any source, using notes or reading the questions aloud, are all not allowed just the same as they are not allowed in an on-campus, paper-based exam.

The invigilator is assisted by software that monitors for any unusual activity such as lighting changes in the room, unusual noises, or test-takers looking towards a specific location off-screen while taking the exam. If this happens the invigilator may ask you to show them the room with your webcam again to confirm that you are not getting any kind of help with the exam. The invigilator will also monitor what is running on your computer via screen sharing software. The whole exam taking process is recorded and can be reviewed by the ICTE Academic Integrity Committee if any unusual activity is reported.

Any security incidents will be reported to ICTE and be investigated under usual ICTE procedures, in the same way, that an incident report from a pen/paper exam is investigated.

This guide contains the following sections:

  • Before the exam
  • The day before the exam
  • On the day of the exam 
  • After the exam

Please read all these sections carefully to be fully prepared for your online Bridging English exams.  

Register with ProctorU now!

Visit the ProctorU resource-center and follow these steps to register:

  1. Choose the “test-taker” button

  2. Complete your details. You must use your UQ email address.
  1. Select Timezone GMT+08:00 Asia/Shanghai  (this Timezone will cover all areas of mainland China)
  2. All information you provide is used to help you during your exam, so the phone number you provide must be one that ProctorU can contact you on during the exam if they need to provide technical support.
  3. Your home address is not required. Please use UQ’s address where an address is requested: University of Queensland, St Lucia, Qld, 4072

Select your examination times

You will be taking six exams in ProctorU. Your exams are scheduled from:

BE10Adv Test session 1 – Tuesday 26 May 2020 – From 10:00am CST

  • Reading 1
  • Listening 1
  • Writing 1

BE10Adv Test session 2 – Wednesday 27 May 2020  – From 10:00am CST

  • Reading 2
  • Listening 2
  • Writing 2

There will be a range of scheduled start times in ProctorU. Select start times from the times available.

Confirm your computer system meets ProctorU requirements

Computer Equipment

You will need to have:

  • a laptop or desktop computer
  • a webcam (in-built or attached for desktop computers)
  • a microphone (in built or attached) that is not part of a headset or earphones
  • speakers (in-built or attached) to hear the proctor and for the listening test
  • headsets or earphones are not allowed
  • only one computer screen
  • a reliable internet connection

ProctorU provides detailed information on the technical requirements for online invigilated exams here.

Not Supported

The following are not supported and cannot be used:

  • Google Chromebooks
  • Tablets (Nexus, iPad, Tab, Note, etc.)
  • Linux operating systems
  • Windows 10 in S mode or Surface RT
  • No running inside a virtual machine. You will be asked to reconnect using your host operating system to take your exam.

Reliable Internet Connection

Please make sure that your internet connection meets ProctorU's technical requirements. In order to ensure you meet the requirements, you may need to speak to your Internet Service Provider.

To check that your computer system meets ProctorU requirements

You will need to visit the ProctorU Test It Out page to test out your system to ensure that you will be able to complete your exam.

What if my system does not meet ProctorU requirements?

If your computer or internet connection does not meet the technical requirements to undertake an online invigilated exam, you will need to access another computer which does, otherwise, you may not be able to take the tests.


Web Browser

  • Google Chrome is the recommended web browser for Blackboard and ProctorU. However, you may also use Mozilla Firefox.
  • Please download and install the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Safari and Edge are not supported.

Important: Please follow these steps to make sure to your browser is set to allow audio to play in the listening tests.

ProctorU browser extension

You need to install the ProctorU browser extension.

The browser extension allows the invigilator to monitor your web usage to ensure that only permitted materials are accessed during the exam. This browser extension can be uninstalled when your exam is complete.

You can find the browser extensions and instructions here:

Choose where to take your exam

  • You can take your exam at home or in another private room where you will be able to work uninterrupted for the whole exam period.
  • You cannot take the exam in an open space such as a park, or a public space such as an internet café, library, restaurant etc.
  • The location you choose for the exam will be recorded as part of the exam security.
  • This recording will be of you and your immediate environment and for the duration of the exam only.
  • The recording will only be accessible to ICTE Staff involved in academic integrity matters, and will be deleted after 12 months.

Prepare your exam environment

  • Your invigilator will examine your work area via the webcam during the ‘onboarding’ process to ensure that you do not have anything which is not allowed during the exam.
  • Please prepare your work area at least one day before your tests begin.


  • You must be alone in a room with no one else entering during the test.
  • Testing in a public space is not allowed.

Workstation and seating

  • Your computer and keyboard must be on a desk or other tabletop surface.
  • Make sure your device is connected to mains power, or that the battery is fully charged and sufficient to last for the complete exam period.
  • The desk and surrounding area must be clear of all items not approved for use during the test.
  • Please arrange your computer so that there is an empty wall behind you with no furniture, pictures,  bookshelves or other objects
  • Do not use any virtual backgrounds.
  • You must sit in a standard chair.
  • Food and drink are not allowed during the test.
  • A clear bottle of water is allowed.

Clothing and appearance

  • Your ears must remain visible throughout the test, not covered by hair, a hat or other items.
  • You must be dressed appropriately for your test.
  • You will be monitored via camera by the proctor, and your photo will be shared with ICTE.
  • Do not wear large jewellery items, headbands and other hair accessories.

Note-taking Materials

  • You may take notes using a small (A4 size) whiteboard with erasable marker pen.
  • You may not take notes on paper, for security purposes.

You will be asked to erase all notes in view of the proctor at the end of the test.

On the day of the exam

  • After completing your preparation, sign in to ProctorU at your scheduled exam time.
  • You may have to wait for a short time before being connected with your invigilator.
  • This is normal in the current COVID-19 environment so please be patient.

Starting the Exam (onboarding)

  • The process of helping you to start an exam is called ‘onboarding’.
  • You will be asked to install Logmeinrescue before the exam begins.
  • This is a temporary remote support applet used to assist users with computer issues.
  • This temporary applet will request access to your computer for the invigilators before the exam starts.
  • After you give permission for the invigilator to access your computer, you will be able to see everything the invigilator is doing on your computer screen.
  • The Logmeinrescue is a temporary applet that is automatically removed from your computer after use.
  • Therefore for each online invigilated exam session, you will be prompted to download this applet again.
  • Once you have properly downloaded and installed the applet you are in the queue and will be onboarded as soon as possible.
  • The first available invigilator will greet you and begin the exam onboarding process.
  • You will need to have your original passport (not a copy) ready to show the invigilator.
  • The invigilator will match the photo on your Passport against the photo you take with your webcam. ICTE will not give any images to ProctorU, and ProctorU will not keep any data. If you do not have a current passport you must contact ICTE immediately.
  • The invigilator will request that you use your webcam to show your room and work area to ensure that you do not have access to unauthorised materials.
  • They will ask you to remove any materials that are not allowed, including devices such as your mobile phone. Your phone should not be in the exam room but should be near so that you can use it if the proctor needs to contact you by phone.
  • The invigilator will lock down your computer to create a secure examination environment where only the test materials can be accessed.
  • When the environment has been checked, the invigilator will enter the exam password, and you may commence the exam.

Exam Duration

  • Your time for each exam does not begin until you have completed the onboarding process, and been advised by your invigilator that you may commence your exam.
  • Extra time has been included in recognition of the online environment and the different circumstances that students face in their home environments. This includes allowances for network or connection issues.

What if I have trouble during the exam

  • If your computer meets the ProctorU guidelines, it is highly unlikely that you will encounter issues that will affect your ability to undertake your online exam.
  • If you do have difficulties in the examination process, ProctorU will try to help you by using chat, email, phone and remote computer support.
  • The invigilator can take control of your screen by using LogMeIn to try to help you if you have a problem. You will see all activity that the support team is undertaking.
  • If there is a technical problem that cannot be helped using these tools, ProctorU will contact you either by phone or email to re-establish the connection.
  • If this fails or you have any other problem that cannot be solved during the exam, such as a loss of internet connectivity, ICTE will advise you of what happens next.
  • If this does happen, please try to provide evidence such as screenshots to show to ICTE what happened. 
  • You should also ask the proctor for an email (or transcript of the chat) documenting any technical advice that was given. Please also send this information to ICTE.
  • For issues with Learn.UQ (Blackboard) (e.g. unable to access the Blackboard site) contact AskUs via the regular channels
  • If you cannot complete your exam because of technical reasons and you can provide evidence of reasonable grounds for not being able to complete your exam, you may be eligible to apply for a deferred exam. ICTE would decide if, when and how this could happen.
  • To contact ICTE please email

What happens if I miss my scheduled exam session?

  • If the exam availability window is still open, it may be possible to reschedule your start time at a slightly later time. Login to your ProctorU account and start a chat with an invigilator who may be able to assist you in rescheduling your exam.
  • If you have missed the exam window completely, then it would be viewed in the same way as not attending a pen/paper exam and no marks are awarded.
  • If you have evidence of reasonable grounds for not being able to attend your exam, you may be eligible to apply for a deferred exam. ICTE would decide if, when and how this could happen.
  • You should apply for this in writing by sending an email to:


ICTE staff will be emailed directly if unusual testing behaviour is recorded, and will be able to view any recorded exams. Any suspected breaches of academic integrity will be reviewed under the ICTE Student Integrity and Misconduct policy.

Details of your identity verification will be deleted after 1 week, and your exam recording will be deleted after 1 year. Only UQ staff with roles in the maintenance of academic integrity will have access to the data only for the purposes of maintaining academic integrity. The data will not be provided to any other parties for any purpose.

Computer clean up

When you have completed all of your online examinations, you can uninstall the ProctorU web extension following the instructions here. The LogMeIn rescue applet will uninstall after the exam is completed. You can verify it has uninstalled, and in the unusual event it did not, by following the instructions on the Logmein website. This will return your computer to its pre-exam state.