UQ-ICTE TESOL Thought Leaders at IATEFL 2018

Congratulations to the UQ-ICTE TESOL teachers who will be presenting at the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language Conference in Brighton, UK.

The IATEFL conference offers nearly 3000 delegates from around the world a unique opportunity to come together to gain access to the latest teaching methods, to establish and maintain contacts in the field and to proudly represent their own teaching institutions by sharing their ideas and research with delegates from other “establishments."

This year, UQ-ICTE has been successful with seven industry thought leaders who have been accepted to present.

UQ-ICTE presenter topics include:

PR for PD: Harnessing individual energy to empower institutions in teacher development

Fiona Wiebusch and Clare Magee, Associate Dean of English, UTS Insearch

English Language Centres are full of passionate individuals who provoke discussion and seek to challenge the way people think or the way things are done. When it comes to teacher development, ELT leaders often design processes to transform individual energy into institutional outcomes when provision of platforms may elevate the organisation best. In this short talk, the presenters will consider how to create the right space for organisational change (Kotter, 2014, Hamel & Zanini, 2014) by sharing practical tools that have proven successful in promoting teacher-led professional development initiatives in their large-scale English Language Centres in Australia and Southeast Asia.  

Fiona Wiebusch brings more than a decade of leadership experience and evidence-based strategies to her presentation. Fiona Wiebusch (MA App Ling TESOL, PhD can.) leads teacher training and PD at the Institute of TESOL & Continuing Education at the University of Queensland. Clare and Fiona were recently selected to co-facilitate a World Cafe on Empowering Continuing Professional Development at the 2017 English Australia Conference.

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Collaboration and Task-based Learning: A winning combination

Tanja Hafenstein and John Moran

From a teacher-led enquiry in the classroom, it will be shown how collaboration and Task-based Learning go hand in hand to create a meaningful and stimulating learning environment for EAP and upper intermediate students. Some examples of successful TBL lessons emanating from the enquiry will be shared with participants to take away and explore in their own classrooms.

Tanja has been a TESOL teacher at UQ-ICTE since 2008. She has extensive experience teaching in Spain, Russia and the UK and has taught on a variety of courses. She is passionate about bringing the outside world into the classroom and helping students connect with their surroundings in a meaningful and productive manner so that they get the most out of their overseas studies.

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John Moran has been a TESOL teacher for over 30 years. He has gained extensive English language teaching experience working in Europe, The Middle East, South-East Asia and Australia. At ICTE John enjoys teaching a range of English language courses and maintains a strong passion for EAP and Teacher Education. He also has a special interest in Action Research to facilitate language learning and teach valuable life skills.

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Systematic Reflection: Minimizing mismatches in classrooms and enhancing learning

Laura Fairbrother and Simon Feros

Do our students learn what we teach? Perceptual mismatches between teacher intention and student interpretation can negatively impact learning outcomes (Kumaravadivelu, 2003). We will examine common classroom mismatches including the purpose of activities, teacher/student roles, and learning strategies. We will then present our ongoing action research into reducing these mismatches through systematic, student-centred reflection and its effect on learner-autonomy.

Laura has a wide variety of English teaching experience including young learners, preteens, young adults, professionals and academics of all levels (beginner to advanced). She began teaching English in Spain in 2006 and has since taught in Italy, England and now Australia. Laura enjoys teaching on a range of courses including CLIL, EMTP, BEP, AECS and General English. She also assists teachers in preparing for the Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA) and has research interests in Sociolinguistics and the practical application of professional development in and out of the classroom.

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Simon has worked as a TESOL language teacher since 1998 in Italy, Japan, Korea and Australia. Simon has an interest in professional development and has run in-house professional development workshops and presented at the annual Queensland PD Fest conference and at the Faces of English conference at the University of Hong Kong. His research interests include enhancing learning outcomes by minimizing gaps between teacher intentions and learner understanding of classroom activities, class roles and learning strategies.

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Motivating through projects; boosting the ESL student experience

David Leach and Jessica Florent

Learning through projects can be a highly valuable experience for students, but what makes for an effective project? This talk will describe a successful project in a specific context. It will also present the challenges faced, and highlight the key elements for success which might be transferred between varied ELT classrooms.

David has extensive experience as a teacher. He has an interest in Business English in which he has run a number of business projects with practical outcomes, The Biggest Morning Tea Australia, raising money for the Queensland Cancer Council. At UQ-ICTE, David has taught on a wide variety of programs.

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Jessica has been a TESOL Language Teacher at UQ-ICTE since 2004 having previously taught in Spain, and Indonesia. She has taught across all the Institute’s programs including General English, Academic English and Business English programs. She has a keen interest in project work and student motivation. She has facilitated student projects in the areas of event management for the Institute.

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