Globally, the field of language teaching is expanding rapidly. This rapid expansion has not only created a demand for language teachers but also a demand for managers of language teaching centres and organisations. As in many other fields, managers are often recruited from outstanding employees in the organisation. In many cases these employees are teachers. While these teacher-managers are often excellent teachers, they may not always be successful or well prepared managers.

The International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) is designed to address this need. IDLTM enables language teaching professionals to apply insights and skills derived from management theory and practice to their work as managers in language teaching organisations.


SIT Graduate Institute logo The International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM) was originally developed in 2000 by ICTE-UQ and World Learning SIT Graduate Institute in conjunction with Cambridge English Language Assessment . The ICTE-UQ IDLTM is a NEAS premium endorsed product.


The IDLTM is designed to enable language teaching professionals to:

  • extend their knowledge and awareness of relevant management principles and practices
  • develop their management skills through the application of this knowledge and awareness to a language teaching context
  • demonstrate these skills in effective practice as leaders and managers.

Course details

Entry requirements


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 3 years language teaching experience (full-time in state or private sector, internationally or in one country) OR 5 years experience working in a language-teaching context.
  • Competence in English (both written and spoken) that enables candidates to follow the course and complete all the assessed elements successfully. Non-native English speakers require a minimum:
    • TOEFL score of 600 with TWE 6 or 250 (computer based)
    • IELTS 7 with a minimum score of 7.0 in reading and writing
  • Successful completion of a pre-course screening task.


  • English Language Teaching qualification.
  • Minimum of 8 years full time work experience.
  • Coordination management experience in education or business.

Content and assessment

IDLTM includes an introductory module (non-assessed) and eight compulsory modules with assignment-based assessment for each.

  • Management and Managing (Introductory unit): Defining concepts and establishing a conceptual framework for the rest of the course. Differences and similarities between LT management and other types of management will be explored.
  • Organisational Management: Providing a foundation in the theory and practice of organisational structure and culture, focusing on types of organisations, educational institutions as organisations, and organisational change and development.
  • Managing Financial Resources: Developing skills in using and interpreting financial procedures and systems, including the analysis of financial information found in business plans and balance sheets.
  • Human Resource Management and Communication: Matching human resources to organisational needs; staff recruitment, induction, motivation, professional development, and effective communication.
  • Marketing: Applying marketing and promotional theory to practice within a language teaching organisation; putting a marketing plan into operation.
  • Client and Customer Service:  Integrating client and customer service and quality assurance practices into the work of a manager; dealing effectively with client and customer feedback.
  • Academic Management: Enabling course participants to utilise frameworks to initiate, promote and sustain programs of course and teacher development. The module will look at current trends in TESOL, and the development, delivery and monitoring of courses, including curriculum design and innovation.
  • Two modules designed locally: One will deal with areas such as Accreditation and Registration, Industrial Relations, Review and Performance Recognition or Teacher Professional Development Approaches (determination of module content will be made by the delivering institute on a course by course basis). The other module will be Project Management (PM) and the application of PM principles and strategies for initiating and implementing projects within language teaching organisations.


One assignment will be set for each module except the Introductory unit. Assignment lengths vary from 1000-3000 words depending on the module The assignment types also differ, depending on the nature of the module, for example, essay, costed proposal or marketing plan.

Syllabus and assessment guidelines

For full details, get the IDLTM Syllabus and Assessment Guidelines.

Locations, dates and fees

IDLTM is a six-month, 325-hour course.  It begins with 5 days of face-to-face teaching (8.30am-5.30pm daily) with the remainder of the course taught in a flexible delivery mode over a 6 month period concluding with a 6-day online capstone.


The cost per participant is AUD$ 3,700

Proposed dates

City Venue Proposed
face-to-face dates
Brisbane UQ 6 - 10 March 2017
Sydney CET, The University of Sydney 13 - 17 March
Auckland TBC 10 - 14 July 2017
Brisbane UQ 11 - 15 September 2017
Melbourne TBC 18 - 22 September