ICTE Learning Advice: Helping your English improve

Our learning advisors are always there to support you with specific skill areas such as grammar and vocabulary. From dedicated workshops to free one-to-one tutoring sessions, we offer practical help in a safe and friendly environment. 

Have you seen our new Learning Centre? or want to book a meeting with an Academic Manager?

The ICTE Learning Centre is currently closed but students can still book a meeting with a Learning Advisor to discuss your study or attend a workshop to meet other students and practise your speaking skills.

What our students say

Bridging English student Ayaka, from Japan, tells us how ICTE's Learning Advice has helped her make lots of new international friends, improved her English skills, and study success.

"Learning Advice gave me many tips to improve my English skills, and strategies to study English effectively so that I don’t overload my study plan. It’s helped me to recognise my weaknesses and learn how to improve,” Ayaka, Japan

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Bridging English student Phuc, from Vietnam, recommends every ICTE student joins a Learning Advice workshop.

"Thanks to the encouragement from my classmates, I took my first Learning Advice workshop. The workshop was immensely helpful for me. In there, I had more opportunities to practice English and make new friends. Furthermore, there are many topics in the on how to improve your listening, reading, writing and on interesting topics like ‘getting motivated or ‘wellbeing’. I highly recommend every ICTE student joins a Learning Advice workshop – trust me, you will want to join a workshop again." Phuc, Vietnam