• If you did not get the results you need to progress to UQ, you can take a BE extension course and retake the BE assessment.
  • If you have successfully completed BE, you can develop your academic skills further with an Academic Communication Skills course.

Academic Communication Skills (ACS)

Develop your academic language skills, learn more about living and studying in Australia and meet other UQ international students.

Course content

ACS will provide you with an opportunity to improve your academic English language by helping you to:

  • understand assessment questions to meet assessment requirements
  • practice and learn how to avoid plagiarism
  • write essays that accurately and cohesively synthesise library research
  • produce annotated bibliographies
  • write effective emails to university lecturers and administration
  • participate in practice tutorials
  • give oral presentations.

Importantly, you will receive feedback from teachers on your academic writing and speaking.

Course dates

Semester 1 2019
Monday 14 January  - Friday 1 February 2019

Semester 2 2019
Monday 17 June -  Friday 5 July 2019

Course fees

AUD$860 + $60 Materials and Student Services Fee

Sample timetable

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Session 1 Writing for academic purposes: Locating sources in the library Writing for academic purposes: Paraphrasing Writing for academic purposes: Synthesising research in essays Writing for academic purposes: Drafting essays Speaking in tutorials: group work with Australian students
Session 2 Oral presentations: Using your voice effectively Assessment at UQ: Understanding assessment questions Oral presentations: Answering questions Assessment at UQ: Vocabulary building strategies Informal academic communications: Requesting extensions

How to enrol

After the release of BE results, you need to apply online as soon as possible.   

For Semester 1 2019, you must accept and pay by 5pm, Friday 4 January 2019.

For Semester 2 2019, you must accept and pay by 5pm, Tuesday 4 June 2019.

Apply online


Erika Mancilla What our students say

The excellent level of teaching at ICTE provided me with the academic and English language skills to succeed in my UQ postgraduate studies.

ACS also gave me the opportunity to learn more about Australian culture and to make friends from other countries before the start of semester.


Erika Rincon Mancilla, Mexico
Master of Business (International Event Management)

BE Extension

BE extension provides four weeks of tuition to retake the official BE assessment. You will have the opportunity to revise and practice what you have learnt in the BE course.

In the final week of the course, you will retake the official BE assessment. If you get the scores your UQ program requires, you will be able to start at UQ as planned.

Course content

Course content will focus on:

  • understanding written information from general and academic texts
  • writing coherent and cohesive academic texts
  • understanding spoken information from general and academic contexts
  • participating in everyday and academic discussions.

Course dates

Semester One
7 January 2019 – 4 February 2019

Semester Two
10 June 2019 – 8 July 2019

Course fees


How to enrol

After the release of BEP results, you need to apply online as soon as possible.   You will be emailed a letter of offer with payment details.

For Semester 1 2019, you must accept and pay by 5pm, Thursday 3 January 2019
For Semester 2 2019, you must accept and pay by 5pm, Tuesday 4 June 2019

Apply online