Patrick has been in the English as a Second Language profession for 23 years. He has extensive international teaching experience working with a range of adult learners from a variety of backgrounds. These include African, Chilean and Japanese senior managers, executives and diplomats from a number of industries and government departments. Patrick’s English teaching capabilities are highlighted by his Professional Development Seminars for teachers and sharing of his expertise at TESOL conferences.

He taught full-time ESL for twelve years before moving into ESL management eleven years ago. He has demonstrated management and coordinator experience across a range of English teaching and business activities, including the coordination of large groups of English language students and English Language teachers. He works with the management team to manage General English, Academic English and Business English courses at ICTE. In all, he has taught and managed students from 66 different countries

His management skills are complemented by more than five years working in business at IBM and the National Australia Bank, where he developed a practical understanding of the context, language and materials of written and verbal business communication.


  • International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM), ICTE
  • Master of Education (TESOL), Queensland University of Technology
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Diploma, Tokyo Language Arts College, Japan
  • Bachelor of Business (Rural Management), Queensland Agricultural College