Simon has worked as a TESOL language teacher since 1998, and has taught in Italy, Japan, Korea and Australia. Since initially joining ICTE in 2000, Simon has taught on a wide range of programs, including TESOL Methodology programs, the Bridging English Program, Masters of Chinese Translation and Interpretation, and General, Academic and Business English courses. He has also run teaching methodology workshops for primary and secondary teachers in Macau.

Simon has a particular interest in professional development. Since 2016, he has helped guide candidates through the Cambridge Delta, and has also facilitated an informal reading club, where teachers research a variety of teaching topics, collaboratively increasing awareness of new and innovative teaching ideas. He has run in-house professional development workshops and presented at the annual Queensland PD Fest conference, and at the Faces of English conference at the University of Hong Kong.

His research interests include enhancing learning outcomes by minimizing gaps between teacher intentions and learner understanding of classroom activities, class roles and learning strategies. He also enjoys researching current methodological theories and analysing their practical classroom efficacy.


  • Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cambridge Assessment)
  • Train the Trainer Certificate (Cambridge Assessment)
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cambridge Assessment)
  • Bachelor of Arts – Sports Science and Human Movements


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  • Fairbrother, L, Feros, S & Neave, C. (2017, June 1). Systematic Reflection: Minimizing mismatches in the Classroom by Raising Meta-cognitive Awareness in Learners. Faces of English Conference, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
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UQ-ICTE Secondments

  • March, 2018. English & Methodology for TESOL Purposes,  Education & Youth Affairs Bureau (Primary and Secondary), Macau