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Our international student community

Each year ICTE welcomes more than 3000 students from over 50 countries into our English language courses.  Many more international visitors also study with us through our study tours, international development courses, and internship programs.  

In total, 6,000 people from 100+ countries join us here in the ICTE every year for learning experiences to advance their careers, organisations or communities.

Our community is part of The University of Queensland, home to 13,000 international students from 140 countries, and 50,000 students in total.


Class community

Learning together

You will be in a small class, with a maximum of 18 students, from all over the world.

From your first day, your teacher will get you working in pairs and groups on interesting topics and real-world uses of English language.

Your teacher will encourage you to speak up and give you personal feedback.

You will soon feel confident to use English outside the classroom in your daily life.


ICTE student community

We organise free and low-cost activities so you can enjoy our campus during the week and trips away on the weekend. Our activities are how you get to know other ICTE students and be part of your local community.

You will meet people from all over the world and practice using your English skills outside of class together.

Popular weekly options

Activities & Workshops Calendar

#1 Building on campus

In a survey of 14,000 students from 90 English language centres around the world, our building ranked #1 and UQ campus ranked #2.

i-graduate English Language Barometer, 2016

Why do our students rate our building #1?

ICTE is located in a building in the centre of UQ St Lucia that was specifically built for our community.    

Our building features:

  • large glass windows throughout to let in natural light and beautiful views
  • a function room with an outdoor terrace for cooking, craft and dance activities
  • a Learning Centre with lounge and table areas for group study
  • a large foyer, break-out and outdoor spaces with seating so it is easy to find a place to sit between classes or for study
  • a 200-seat auditorium for workshops and guest lectures by academics
  • an outdoor area where you can enjoy the weather, charge your phone, get free wi-fi, water and relax.

What makes our campus special?

The University of Queensland St Lucia campus offers the best campus facilities in Australia in one beautiful location.

Take a video tour to see the sport and other facilities our students use every day.

Student communities at UQ

We think joining a social group is the best way to learn English and adjust to living here. UQ has over 200 student clubs and societies for you to choose from so you are sure to find a group to suit you.

Is your culture or country represented by a club at UQ?

UQ student clubs and societies support students and celebrate cultures from Afghanistan to Vietnam. Find out if your culture is represented.

View all UQ clubs and societies

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