About the course

Pharmacist in front of shelves of medicine

Students from a non-English speaking background studying Pharmacy programs at The University of Queensland are able to access free, part-time Skills for Communicating and Relating in Pharmacy Training (SCRIPT) support workshops.

Workshop topics include:

  • oral communication skills
  • pronunciation
  • listening skills
  • vocabulary
  • communication in formal and informal contexts
  • non-verbal communication
  • situational role-plays.


All classes are held at the Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence in room 5034.

First-year timetables

Workshops are held every Tuesday morning for 8 weeks.

Choose either Course A 8am - 10am or Course B 10am - 12pm.

Second-year timetables

Workshops are held every Friday for 5 weeks.

Choose either Course A: 9am - 11am or Course B : 2pm - 4pm.


Registration, 1st Year Course A
Registration, 1st Year Course B
Registration, 2nd Year Course A
Registration, 2nd Year Course B




Please email UQ-ICTE Admissions if you have any queries.